Update: Home

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here. As usual, I would make an excuse that life is in the way and that work is exhausting… which is 90% true. 10% is maybe cause I’m lazy, but oh well.


My husband and I finally bought a house! We’ve been settling in and continue to settle for the past 3 months. It’s a quaint, tiny little house that we are slowly learning to love, and a place that we’ve called “home”.  We have been slowly renovating it. One thing that didn’t cross my mind prior to buying was how expensive it was going to be. Now, I can’t call in sick as much at work. ;)

Doesn't it look like a little candy factory?

Doesn’t it look like a little candy factory?

I’ve been going crazy with gardening. I guess I found a new hobby?

Anyway, I’ve been so excited because I guess my blog is raking in some viewers. I find that weird… I don’t know why? A good kind of weird though. My guides with regards to immigration have been posted for a while, although I am glad that I have been of help to some people. I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s been reading my blog, and some that actually followed it. :)




I can’t complain

Things have been pretty good so far. Despite balancing 2 jobs, and the occasional squabble with the hubby (drama), I must say, I can’t complain. 


1. We are currently in escrow. (Bye in-laws!) Can’t wait ’til we have our own space. I’ve been spending so much time researching on ways to design the house, and of course, as a woman, I have a difficult time deciding.  However, after how God has been so good to us, I know that everything will fall into place, whatever time he wants it for us. Patience, a difficult value to learn, and I’m still having difficulty.

2. Like all jobs, I would assume, we are all not satisfied, nor will we ever be. There will always be complaints.. I’m sure I do. But, people have been good to me, and I’m thankful to have a job. 2 jobs at that. Exhausting, but, again, I can’t complain.

3. Church wedding for the Philippines set on July 26, 2014. Problem is – where will I get the money? That’s something I will worry about after we secure the house.

4. With regards to the immigration process, I’m just waiting until the time wherein I file for ROC. Currently, I’m fixing the papers for my name to be changed in my Philippine passport. Still researching on that, and will be making a post when I actually get around to it. 2 jobs is like sleep, eat and go to work and the cycle goes on. It needs to be sleep, eat, do stuff and work.. Oh well.

How about you guys? Any updates? I hope everything is doing well in the US of A! 

With love,


I miss my family…

Work has been super busy. Maybe, in a way, I willed it to be that way, and probably, even though it tires the hell out of me, I prefer it that way. It may be about the money, and it is rewarding in that way, although there’s a bigger, more important, and probably more sustaining reason than that. The reason is that it keeps my mind off how far away from my family I am. 

It’s the holidays again. I liked Christmas maybe until I was around 8 or 9 years old, when I was getting really nice presents. After that, I hated it. Well, maybe hate is a strong word. I disliked Christmas… that sounds better. I disliked the christmas songs, the spirit of christmas, the bright lights at night, because it gives me a bittersweet feeling, more on the nostalgic side, which reminds me of depressing Radiohead music. Fast forward at 24 years old, halfway around the world with no immediate family around me, and it sucks. That’s the only word I can think of… it sucks. And I just want the days to go by faster so that it can be over with.

How is everyone?

I don’t really know how much people are actually reading my blog, but I’m going to ask this question anyway.

How is everyone doing? 

Things have been HELLA crazy with me. I’ve been so busy with work, trying to juggle 2 jobs. I can’t complain… I’m blessed and thankful. Just a little bit tired with no vacation in site. Aside from that, married life is great.

I kind of took a break with guides or tips for immigration, only because I’m in that 2 year in-between permanent residence and then removal of conditions. Being a permanent resident was easy enough. Honestly, once you get here, it gets easier. The hardest one was the K1 visa interview in the Philippines. Now that I think about it, damn, it felt like yesterday and felt like lightyears ago at the same time. It was only last June 2011 – a year and a half ago.

So, here’s to hoping everyone is doing great so far. 2012 is almost over, let’s make the most out of it!



Moving Along

Things have been pretty hectic since 2012 started. Well, for me it is though the reason it’s ‘hectic’ is because I just started a new job. I started February, and I have to say, I’m having loads of fun. Well, I usually have fun when I start a new job, because it’s all new to me. I’m just so glad and thankful that I did get a job in this economy, and I really appreciate whoever above made it happen. I didn’t have any connections, and didn’t know anyone that can refer me to a nice job. 

I’m also glad to be over with immigration for at least 2 years. I can go on with my life without that hanging in the back of my mind. 

I know people are waiting for my guides, but I’m just so busy right now. I will probably be able to put it in next week, on my next day off. The blog is kinda ‘blah’ right now, and I swear I’ll make it prettier. ‘Til then, thank you guys! :)


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