Being an obssessive-compulsive girl, I stressed over this part of my preparation. I wanted to bring just enough supporting documents, and not too much. At the same time, I didn’t want to be bringing a lot of things around. Also, when it comes to my interview, I didn’t want to be frantically looking around for the documents that the interviewer was asking from me. I want it to go smoothly and stress-free. My goal was to just bring 1, or 2 folders at the most. Here is how I organized my documents for my K1 visa interview.

First up, if you want to know about my interview experience, as well as some tips that I learned, then clickΒ HERE.

After reading up on VisaJourney, I have decided to put my documents in a clear book. This way, my documents are organized, and I can see my papers whenn I flip through it.


Once you open the clear book, you will see the important forms needed first. The 1st page of my clear book is my receipt and appointment letter. The 2nd page consisted of the DS-156. The 3rd are the 2 DS-157 forms, and the fourth is my DS-156K. As you can see in the pictures below, I put a label so that I can easily flip through my documents and know which is which. I didn’t have a printer accessible at that time, so I just wrote it down in paper and taped it.

Because of the clear papers, you can see some of the notes I made behind, like the “Birth Certificate”. There is also a place for the “NBI Clearance” and the “Cenomar” or the “Certificate of No Marriage.”


After this was the Affidavit of Support. Basically, it was the same as everything else. I had the ITR of my fiance from 2007 ’til 2010. The CO only asked for the most recent one which was the 2010. Good thing I had it photocopied before the interview. There were also the pay stubs, employment letter and the bank statement. All of these I gave to the CO, so I can’t show it in the picture anymore.


Then comes the proof of on-going relationship! I was so excited about this. I was ready to let my artistic side take a hold of me. (LOL) One of my friend in VisaJourney told me she arranged her evidences according to the visit. First visit first, then the second visit and so on and so forth. I thought that was a neat idea, so I had mine patterned like that. It made sense, because it makes everything organized, and the CO can really see the timeline.

I tried to make it very simple, but very detailed. I tried to space out the timeline so it seems like I am telling a story. I also didn’t want it to look like it’s missing something. So, the goal was, as little evidence as possible, that tells the story as a whole, and shows the development of the relationship.

Here is how I did the 1st visit:

I scanned his passport with the stamps to show proof that we have seen each other the past 2 years. I laid it out using Micosoft Word, and then put captions at the bottom so that the CO can easily understand what the picture is trying to say. There are also scanned pictures of his airline tickets and airport tax, and attached to it are the originals. Again, I put captions beside the pictures so that it is easily understood. I only put 4 pictures, spanning the whole of his visit. With each picture, there is a small caption with the date, where we were and what we were doing. I tried to keep it simple.

The second visit has the same format. Actually, the second visit was my interview. My fiance was present for my interview, and that counted as his second visit as well. Same format, with the passport stamp, only this time, there is only the arrival stamp, because he is still with me in the Philippines. I also put 4 pictures, with the captions which I thought was very essential to the evidence.

Next up are the skype stills. I only got 3 of these, one for the last 3 months before the interview. I just put the date at the bottom, and from which application I got it from i.e. “Skype” or “Yahoo Messenger.”

I felt that the chat logs were secondary evidence, as well as the phone records, only because I had my fiance with me during my interview. However, I know for some that these are very important evidences. I put the all of out YM/Skype chat logs as well as our Facebook messages in one slot, because I felt that the CO wasn’t going to look at it anyway. I had it there just in case.

With my YM/Skype chat logs and Facebook messages, I took one day out of every month that we started chatting there. I chose short chats, because it took too much space. I read somewhere that if there was naughty messages (wink wink), it’s best to highlight them with a dark color so it’s kept private. We all know how long distance relationships are. Comprises are made. πŸ˜‰


I saved the receipts/snailmails/postcards at the end of the clear book. I was actually debating on putting them where they’re supposed to be based on the timeline, but I tried and it made it look messy. Some of it were before we met, some were in between, so it made everything confusing. Anyway, half of it we sent with the original petition, so they have a copy of it already. I just put it in there just in case. Better to have more than a lot than less, right? Anyway, they all fit in one folder anyway. πŸ™‚

I had one photocopy of the receipts/snailmails/postcards, just in case. Better be super duper sure!


So, that’s how I organized my visa interview documents. I’m not saying that this is the right way to fix it, but maybe you can get some ideas here and there. Also, I just want to help out all the beneficiaries out there, because once you are at the interview part of your journey, it gets a little stressful. It’s either win it, or you can’t be with the love of your life. I am open to suggestions and will gladly answer any queries regarding the process.

Good luck! πŸ˜€



  1. Len says:

    Hi Jenina!Welcome to the US! How are you liking it so far? Hope you’re adjusting here just fine.I was reading your post and I’m actually trying to compile my fiance’s interview docs just like the way you did yours since organizing is not one of his best traits (boys).When I sent my petition for him, I have submitted a LOT of evidence of relationship and meeting within 2 years i.e. passport stamps, e-tickets, e-mail snippets from 2002-2011, skype chat logs, pictures from 2003 till the last time I was there in 2010 (you probably get the my point). So my questions is, should I include all these again with his interview docs? Thank you!

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Len,I’m liking it really well so far. I’m here in California, and I got here during summer, so it’s just like the Philippines. But, I’m not sure with the coming seasons. LOL, just kidding. It’s really nice. :)Well, I didn’t really bring all of those evidences with the I-129F. For the interview, what was important was there is proof of ONGOING RELATIONSHIP eversince the time you sent in your petition. Yes, I brought some receipts with me, but only some. During interviews, they usually only look at pictures and the passport stamps which is the major proof that you have seen each other. Like I said, quality over quantity. I hear some people who bring bags of papers, but the interviewer only asked for pictures. So to answer your question, yes you may bring all of those PLUS newer proof that your relationship is still going strong. Or, you choose just some of what you think are the most important evidences that sum up your relationship.Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I hoped this help. Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions if ever you need some help, and I’ll try to help. :)Jenina Marie

  3. Missa says:

    Hello. I came across your blog because I am currently in the process of making my clear books. I was wondering if you submitted both the originals and photocopied copies? Did the Embassy return the originals to you? Thank you in advance. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Missa,

      With regards to the birth certificate, I did give an original one, but everything else, I gave copies and just showed them the originals. Government issued documentation I gave originals like the BC and CENOMAR etc.. Aside from that, copies. So, I suggest that you order extra copies of your BC because you’ll need a couple when you get here in the US.


  4. belle says:

    Hey girl! I love reading your blog, very informative.. well done! Can I just ask, regarding the photos you presented in your interview, did you printed it first on a digital paper before you paste it and compile everything on a bond paper? Thank you!

  5. irene says:

    hello :), i would just like to ask if you submitted original I-134, my fiance sent me a scanned, signed copy, is that ok?
    thank you so much


  6. Gleyka says:

    hello! I just want to ask, if I will still need to pay some,when Im having a visa interview at the us embassy,I am a k1 visa applicant.I hope to hear ur response,Thanks

  7. Gleyka says:

    hello I just want to ask one more question,do all applicants are scheduled very early like 6:30am?or there still some scheduled around 11am?Im just curious.thanks…..

    • Gleyka says:

      hello!anyone can answer my question pls.,I have doubts on the medical report tht neede by the US embassy during interview,will I bring a sealed envelope to the US embassy as my medical result?Im just confused bec they only gave me a cd disk and two page form,no envelope given.,pls help me.Thanks..

      • Miram says:

        No I dont think it’ necessary.. I didnt brought my documents and cd with me and hey didnt looked for it either.. Besides St. Lukes already sent a copy of your medical report on USEM

        BTW Thank you Ms. Jenina. If it wasnt for your blog I wont be able to prepare my self on my interview.

  8. Grace says:

    Hi.Is it necessary for my fiance to find a job for the employment letter? we don’t have our NVC case number yet and it’s been one month and 1 week. My petition has been approved september 4 2013 and until now we don’t have it yet. 😦 may I ask if how long it takes to get NVC case number. and is it okay to scanned all documents instead of original ones? like the employment letter and affidavit of support. Im hoping to hear from you soon guys! πŸ™‚

  9. Gleyka says:

    hello!!!II just want to ask some info again,this is about my CFO PDOS,do K1 visa applicants are nt included to bring the data summary for US bound?bec in the visa packet sent by the US embassy there is no summary there,and also I just want to ask too,if what is the appropriate time to go there at citigold center to make sure tht I can get a slot since it is limited,pls help me…I will be very happy to hear ur reply.thnks.

  10. Gleyka says:

    hello again!anyone can answer my two post messsage please?I will add some question here ,pls help me,i was living at Nueva Ecija and i have to travel for about 4hours going to the citigold center where I plan to hav my CFO PDOS,my question is,if there are cheaper hotels near tht citigold center building tht is a nice place to stay or a safer inn?thnks…i hope to hear ur reply to both of my post message here.ill be waiting.thnks..

  11. hello!anyone can help me please?I am just confused bet.,Alien registration number and alien receipt number,.I will appreciate to hear ur response.Thank You.

  12. Naomi says:

    Hi, IF I just want to ask if do you have a family picture with you with your fiancee included with the photos you brought to the imterview?

  13. Hi! I know this post was written several years ago..but I am frantically searching for ways to compile all of the paperwork for my fiance to take to his interview with the US Embassy! Thank you SO much! This is extremely helpful. I am going to do something like this for him and I know that he will be so relieved.

    I have a question…I read there we are supposed to include information on wedding plans (wedding dress receipt, guest list, letter from pastor performing ceremony, etc.) Did you do anything like this? If so, how did you compile it and what kind of information did you include?

    Thank you again SO MUCH!!

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