What to do after Notice of Approval (NOA) 2

I have seen a lot of beneficiaries asking what to do after getting their I-797, or more commonly known as the NOA2, that’s why I decided to make a guide about what to do after getting this approval.

Personally, I was rattled once we got our approval, because I have been waiting so long, and simply being ok’d seem surreal. I was so impatient, that I felt we were never going to get approved, because everyone else were celebrating, while we were still waiting, but suddenly, one day in May, we were (surprise, surprise) approved! Fun, right? Funny thing also, because we never got a text or an e-mail, and our status in the USCIS websit is still “Under Review”. Just one day, after my fiance got home from work, there’s a mail from USCIS, and inside is the much prayed and uber-mysterious (but not so, cause it’s just a piece of paper) NOA2.


Yey, the long wait is over, but it’s not over yet.

It’s a daunting task, because all this time until now, it was the work of your fiance. But, now, it’s your turn to do all the work and compile all the paperwork together. But we’re strong Filipino women, aren’t we?! YEAH!!!


So, what do we do after NOA2? Let’s make a short list.

  • Have $350 ready. You can pay for this anytime after you get your NOA2 in any BPI branch, but take note that you can only schedule once your petition reaches the US Embassy in the Philippines and once it gets to their system, so don’t fret.
  • Get your Passport ready.
  • Fill up the DS-156 Non-immigrant Visa Application and print 2 copiesDS-156 (It’s at the bottom of the page)
  • Fill up the DS-157 Supplemental Non-immigrant Visa Application and print 2 copiesDS-157
  • Fill up the DS-156K Non-immigrant Fiance Visa Application and print 1 copyDS-156K
  • An original NSO Birth Certificate: If you need to order birth certificates, you can read the post HERE.
  • NBI Clearance with purpose, “Travel to USA”
  • For aged 16 and above, if you have worked or stayed in a different country for 6 months or more, you have to get a Police Certificate from that country.
  • Court and Prison Records – Applicants who have been arrested. charged or convicted of a crime must present copies or transcripts of court or prison records relaying to the crime or offense. (I hope you don’t have to do this. Hehe)
  • Evidence of a Meeting Prior to the Petition: I organized this per visit of my fiance so that it’s not confusing. I have a post about it and you can read it HERE. This may seem difficult, but keep it very simple. Choose only a couple of pictures that span your relationship. More on quality than quantity.
  • Evidence of a Genuine Engagement: For this, we just photocopied the receipt of the ring my fiance bought for me since we didn’t have wedding plans yet. For those who don’t have rings yet, it’s fine. An updated Letter of Intent will suffice, same as the one you sent back when you first started the petition. During my interview, the CO didn’t even ask for this.
  • Proof of Termination of a Previous Marriage: I didn’t experience this as my fiance and I are both single. But, a divorce and an annulment decree are very important if you’ve been married before.
  • Certificate of No Marriage Record or CENOMAR: This can be ordered online or through telephone, I had a blog post about how to order in NSO and it can be read HERE.
  • Evidence of Support: This will be done by your fiance, and should be shipped to you in time for your interview. He needs to fill up the I-134 FORM. Along with this, he needs to include an employment letter, his Income Tax Return (Form 1040) and wage statements (W-2)

The ITR (Income Tax Return) should be the most latest, which at the time of posting this blog post is the year 2010, but I brought along with me my fiance’s ITR’s since 2007, but the CO didn’t ask for those anymore.


The W-2’s, or pay stubs, following the advice of people from VisaJourney, I brought along the 3 most recent ones, which was enough. 🙂


If you want a format for the employment letter, then you’ll find that the last post in this thread is quite helpful.

  • Visa Photographs: 3 2×2 visa pictures on white background. You might want to read this for some info on this matter.
  • Medical Examination: This is done at St. Luke’s Extension Clinic ONLY. Please observe that this is NOT St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City. This is an extension clinic located at Ermita, Manila. To know more about the medical, including their location, medical fees, and the documents to bring, you can visit their website HERE.

Wow, I have to be honest, that was a bit tiring. Phew! Let’s stretch a little bit before we go back at it, alright?


That feels great! Getting ready for the interview may seem a daunting task, but once you get at it, it’s actually quite easy. All these steps, you can do while still waiting for your NOA2. I started fixing documents a couple weeks before the 5 month mark of waiting for our NOA2. It was just perfect timing as well. But, it’s still all up to you!

I hope that this post helped a little bit, and I posted the links so you don’t have to search for it anymore. Feel free to comment or give suggestions! 🙂

My K1 Interview Experience HERE

How I Organized my Documents HERE


124 thoughts on “What to do after Notice of Approval (NOA) 2

  1. Keith says:

    Jenina,We received our NOA2 from the USCIS on May 20. Our case arrive at the Embassy in Manila on June 17. We were waiting for them to send us something but I think maybe we are waiting for no reason. We saw your page here and will follow your instructions. I have one question though. When do you call to schedule your interview? After you get your NOA2? I’m not sure when we should call. I’ll try calling them this week. Thank you,Keith

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Keith, First of, thanks for reading my blog.Second, don’t wait for anything from the Embassy. They’re supposed to send you an “eligibility letter”, but it takes a long time, and some people even leave for the US without ever receiving one. I myself don’t have it still, and I’m already done with my medical and interview. I suggest that you tell your fiance to pay the visa fee already, which is $350, at any BPI bank. She would have to pay it in pesos, and it depends on the exhange rate. When I paid last month, it was roughly around P15, 400. Your case is probably in the system already, so after paying, wait for 4-6 hours, and then you can schedule online or through telephone. I suggest for you to schedule online because they have more available dates. I’ll post an article about how to schedule so that it may help you. 🙂 If you can pay first this tomorrow morning, then by the afternoon, you probably have an interview date already.Don’t hesitate to ask me questions.Yours truly,Jenina Marie

  3. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Keith, this post might be helpful to you. :)http://buhaynamakulay.posterous.com/how-to-schedule-your-visa-interview#more

  4. keiththomas55 says:

    Jenina, Thank you for your quick reply. I didn’t reply sooner because after we receive your email Marivic and I started working right away on getting out appointment. We logged into the US Embassy Visa site and Marivic created profile. She then went to pay the fee. It was exactly the same amount as yours. I’m glad you told us not to wait. I think I had seen someone else say that in the forums but when I contacted the NVC directly they said to await further instructions in the mail.  The key ended up being the information you gave us about the US Embassy site and paying the fee as soon as possible. I feel a lot better now that things are moving again.  I hope we can all meet some time. I know you’ll like it here, it’s really nice.  I live in Long Beach now at 1900 Ocean Apartments. Long Beach is south of LA but very close by. I was in Pasadena when i first came to California 3 1/2 years ago but I moved to Long Beach to be closer to work. Thanks again for all your help. I’ll keep in touch.  By the way, Marivic is very nervous like you.  She’s worried about the interview and is really excited to be coming here. I miss her so i can’t wait until she gets here!  I copied Marivic on this email in case you and her want to exchange information. Sincerely, Keith

  5. keiththomas55 says:

    Jenina, Thanks to you we were able to schedule Marivic’s interview today. It’s on August 3rd at 6:45 AM.  I have more questions but i’m not sure if you’ll know the answer. If her interview is at 6:45 AM, does that mean she has to have her medical done the previous day? Thanks, Keith

  6. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hello Keith,It’s great to hear that you have an interview date already! How exciting! 😀 Time flies by really fast once you know you have a deadline. Hehe. Actually, I’m going to be living at the Lakewood area, which I know is super close to Long Beach. I just say Los Angeles, because it’s usually what people are familiar with. We’re really close by, and once all of us are settled in, then maybe we can go out and grab something to eat :DWith regards to the medical, Marivic can do it now. People say the latest that you can do it is a week before your interview, because the clinic is going to be the one to send the medical to the embassy. I suggest that you do it ASAP already. I did mine 2 weeks before my interview date. It’s walk-in and you don’t need to make an appointment. Please tell Marivic to make sure she doesn’t have her period. Sorry, but I have to say it. Haha 🙂 Also, if she did have her monthly visitor, she can have her medical 5 days after the last day of her period. It’s better that way, so that she doesn’t have to go back and forth. The medical here takes 2 days and here’s the reason why. In the Philippines, tuberculosis is kind of popular. The x-ray, I believe, is the most vital test. If they see just a tiny speck that will make them speculate that you have tuberculosis, your interview will be delayed for 2 months because they will make you undergo a sputum test in which they have to culture the sputum and it will take 2 months. I was really nervous about my x-ray, but on the 2nd day, I learned that I passed. Tell Marivic to drink milk every day until her medical, because they say it clears up the lungs. It’s just a saying, but I did it anyway. Haha :)Here’s the website of the clinic. The fees, instructions, location etc are in there.http://www.slec.ph/If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. :)Good luck!Jenina Marie

  7. Jomelyn J. Alimpolo says:

    Hi Jenina! congrats for a very nice blog!! Its well organized and very informative :0) I was able to get all the infos regarding preparations for interview..Thanks for helping us thru this blog 🙂 May God bless your journey to the US :0)

  8. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Jomelyn J. Alimpolo,Thank you! I’m super uper happy that my blog helped you out! Good luck :)Jenina Marie

  9. keiththomas55 says:

    Jenina, Thanks!  I just express mailed her second package today including the I-134 and additional evidence.  I had already given her a copy of the I-129 package in May when i saw her so I think that should meet all my requirements. I do have one more question though. I see mixed information on the forums about vaccinations. Marivic doesn’t have any documentation of having any vaccinations. Were you required to get vaccinations? Thanks again. Things are progressing quickly now that we started reading your forums! Keith and Marivic

  10. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Keith and Marivic,I’m so happy for you guys now that things are moving along! Expect that in 2 months, your fiance will be by your side forever 😀 How exciting!It’s okay when it comes to the vaccination. The doctors at the clinic will decide which vaccines she’ll be having. Some vaccines are for 16 years old and below.. Some are only for 60 and above. There are different ones. I think at most she’ll only get 4. Like I told you before, the medical takes 2 days. If she passed the first day (which is basically if she passed the x-ray), she’ll have her vaccines the second day, and they’ll give you a CD and a vaccine form which you’ll need for you Adjustment of Status once she gets to the US.You actually have the option not to take the vaccines, but it’s part of the payment already in the medical, and it’s a waste not to get it. It’ll be her advantage anyway when she gets to the US.Good luck!Jenina Marie

  11. elsa says:

    Oh my Gosh lol! so the medical takes two days…is there a place in the clinic where we can park our van? because after the medical we will find a hotel to stay in d whole night in case i will go back for medical again..can u give me a slight info about this jen..and should i bring the passport with me and NOA2 they say and illegible letter? i know that u didn’t receive yours! how about the appointment letter?

  12. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Elsa,Yeah, the medical takes two days, and I posted something about it. You’ll find out about what to expect and the things to bring. Take a look at it here: http://buhaynamakulay.posterous.com/my-medical-examination-at-st-lukes-extens…Research on the hotels that are near the clinic. You can see them and the price rates through the Internet. You can call them also and ask if they have parking lots, but most good hotels have parking lots also. I think this thread will help you: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/48111-manila-embassy-and-st-lukes-are…Hope it answers your questions!Jenina Marie

  13. andrea says:

    Hi Jenina,Thanks for your blog, its really a great help. We received the hard copy of our NOA2 just yesterday but we will approved last July 5, do you have any idea if how long do we have to wait before we can have our MNL case number? Or should we call or email NVC to follow up our case number and when is the best time to do it? Thanks and congrtulations!!! God bless. 🙂

  14. andrea says:

    Jenina,Another question, how many copy of birth certificate and cenomar did they asked from you? Are they going to return to you the original? Thanks again. 🙂

  15. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Andrea,Hello! And thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad it helped you out. :)Congrats on your NOA2, and one thing I can tell you, is that time flies once you get it. So, my advice would be spend as much time with your family as you can. After receiving our NOA2, we got our MNL case number after 2 weeks. My fiance called NVC, but it’s the computer who will tell you if you have a MNL case number already. Sometimes, they don’t update the computers, so they tell you that they don’t have your file yet, but they actually do. Best thing to do is email them. They reply in 1-2 working days. Here’s their email address: NVCINQUIRY@state.govIn the title, put in your USCIS receipt number. Then, put in your petitioner’s name and birthday, as well as yours, and then ask your question. You can do it now 🙂 But, usually it takes 2 weeks to get the MNL number.For the BC and CENOMAR, they asked for the original, one each. 🙂 I’m now going to the US, so I ordered extra BC’s, just to be sure. :)Hope this helps you and don’t hesitate to ask more questions. I’m happy to help. :)Jenina Marie

  16. andrea says:

    Hi Jenina,Thanks for the quick reply, i really appreciate it. Will email the NVC on Friday because its only been 5days since our petition was approved. Congratulations again to you and have a safe trip to US. :)Andrea

  17. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Andrea,You’re welcome!! Yeah, masyado pang maaga 🙂 Just wait, it’ll come. In the meantime, get the documents for the interview ready. Matagal daw ngayon makakuha ng NBI, so asikasuhin mo na rin yun. Also, order from NSO your CENOMAR na rin. :)Jenina Marie

  18. Len says:

    Hello Jenina!Just want to say thank you for taking the time to write these all up. Very informative. My fiance and I just got our NOA2 yesterday so we’re onto the next step.I’m flying back to the Philippines in September so hopefully we can schedule his interview when I’m around so I can accompany him as well.Congrats and good luck on the rest of your journey. 🙂

  19. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Len,You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped you guys! Congratulations on your NOA2! Time flies after this. Expect your fiance to be with you in 2 months or less! Once you get your MNL case number (from NVC), he can have his medical already. Have the medical done as soon as you can, so that if ever there’s any problem, (I’m sure there isn’t) you can fix it asap, and it won’t disrupt with your interview.Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I’m glad to help!!!Jenina Marie

  20. Ruby says:

    Hi Jenina!Did you bring your fiance’s original tax forms or just photocopies? Will they return these documents if I send my original ones? Thanks! :)Ruby

  21. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Ruby,Thanks for reading my blog!Photocopies are fine. 🙂 I gave the 2010 tax forms and they were just photocopied. :)Jenina Marie

  22. elsa says:

    hi jen how are you? when we filed the petition my fiance didn;t make a copy of the docs that he sent to homeland they say that i need to bring them in my interview is this all true?

  23. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Ate Elsa,I’m good. I’m already in the US.You mean the I-129F package? It’s okay. Just get the documents needed for the interview. :)Jenina Marie

  24. elsa says:

    I saw some of your pics on FB pati mga foods na nagabang sayo lol! love na love ka tlg ni del! finally I have convinced my baby to mail the I-134 and letter of intent bk mareceive ko sa friday kgbi lang nia kc hinulog sa fedex at 100$ for less than a pound haha. HOW ABOUT THE COVER LETTER KASI AKO NUN. OK LANG BA KUNG WALA NUN?

  25. Rubyching says:

    So I got my NOA2, and then the letter from NVC. My fiance already had his medical (even if he hasn’t received a letter from the embassy yet. hehe. excited!) Nabasa ko sa blog mo that you can pay for the interview anytime, but do we have to wait for an appointment from the embassy? Or can we schedule it ourselves? Thanks! 🙂

  26. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Rubyching,Yeah! Pay for it na! Pay for it in the morning, para sa hapon, you can schedule your interview na agad. 🙂

  27. Rubyching says:

    So ok lang kahit na wala pang dumadating na letter sa kanya? I got the letter from NVC nung August 11, pero wala syang natatanggap eh. I can pay and schedule it even without him getting the letter? Thanks ulit. 🙂

  28. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Yeah, don’t wait fpor the eligibility letter. Sorry for the late reply. 🙂 were you able to schedule your interview already?Jenina Marie

  29. Rubyching says:

    He just got his visa today! hehe. yey!!! 🙂 Thank you. Your blog has been very helpful. 1 more thing, when we get to the port of entry, where do I have him line up? Sa tourist or sa residents/citizens?

  30. elsa says:

    Hi Jenina…Congrats ha! I had my CFO seminar today and I’m so thankful kc wala na problem..I will be leaving on sept 25 for U.S finally gonna see my baby again hehe..parang tinedyer noh lol! i just wanna ask how much money should I pay for travel tax? and should I request for another CENOMAR again meron na ako extra BC..and also I read that I need to bring ID with me..I have voter’s ID pero yung driver’s licence wala ako nun eh..ksi sb 2 iD”S dw?

  31. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Elsa!I’m glad everything is going well for you! 🙂 The fiance visa part is done :)For travel tax, its P750. There’s another kind of tax, but usually it’s included sa plane ticket already.. Double check mo nalang :)I didn’t request for any CENOMAR anymore. Meron lang ako photocopy nun, but so far sa government agencies dito sa US, hindi naman hinihingi. My only ID here in the US is my birth certificate and passport. I have my driver’s license with me, but usually a passport will do. :)Hope this helps :)Jenina Marie

  32. elsen says:

    ah ok..kala ko kc 1,620 kasi nakalagay sa booklet na galing CFO..saka bk hingan din ba ako id sa eroplano hehe..anyway i will bring naman my comelec id with me para sure db..

  33. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Elsen,The 1,620, I think, is the baggage tax. Yung 730 is travel tax. Minsan sinasama na nila sa airplane ticket yung 1620, pero double check mo nalang. :)Jenina Marie

  34. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Rubyching,Madali nalang yan! 🙂 Daming Pilipino sa LAX, ehehe. Just expect na matagal ka sa pila kase busy palage ang LAX, but it’s easy. 🙂

  35. nicole says:

    hello, can i ask a few questions? my fiance is a student in USA and we want to apply for a fiancee visa is i possible for him to apply knowing that he doesnt have a job? but we read about the co-sponsor (i-134) is it possible for him to ask his stepdad to be the second co-sponsor? and what are the things that we need? is there a chance for us to get denied? thanks 🙂

    • I’m not particularly sure with this matter. What I’m sure of is that you will need a co-sponsor if your fiance is earning below poverty line. The co-sponsor needs to fill up paperwork, which I think is called the I-134 aka the Affidavit of Support, and also show proof of income, taxes the past 3 years etc.

      Sorry for the late reply because I’m so busy with work. Hope this helps 🙂

  36. ruby says:

    hello! i’m ruby. my fiance got the notice of action and it says the uscis received his application for my k1 last june 5. but until now we don’t get anything else after that. so last week he emailed them and asked what is going on since it is more than 5 months? yesterday he got their reply, it says they cannot locate our papers and asked for the receipt number, my name and birthdate and he did so thru email. we were so stunned we can’t believe this is happening. where is our papers?

    • Hi Ruby,

      The papers probably got lost somewhere along the way. Did they reply after you gave them your receipt number? It could’ve been placed in some other service center. Hope everything is going well with the process!



  37. ruby says:

    hello! thanks for the reply. 🙂 they sent an email the other day, it says that they mailed out an approved notice to him. so up to now we are waiting on that. we felt so relief after reading that email. now we are both happy but we would be happier when we get the mail. since they mailed it on november 29th, about when is he going to get it on his mailbox? we’re too anxious to start, so everyday since then he started checking his mail. as we are still waiting for it, what are the things he can already do there and me here? we don’t want to waste time so we want to make everything fast, heheh. thanks!

    • Congratulations! It was only a matter of time. If you read some of my blog posts, we didn’t even know we were approved already. My husband just got home from work and saw mail from USCIS. Online, our progress was still pending, but apparently we were approved already, so it was a sweet surprise.

      In this blog post are all you need for the interview. Get your proof of relationship ready, cenomar etc… It’s in this blog post. Hope this helps!



  38. ruby says:

    hello again! he already got the approved notice on mail. so what are we going to do next? is he going to call the uscis for the process of the visa or do we need to wait another notice? am i going to receive any mail from them also about the requirements/papers i need to produce? the mail the he got just says it is approved and it’s forwarded to the listed consulate and ask him to call if he has questions. what is the i-824 form? is it necessary for him to do that? how? thanks…

  39. Barb says:

    Hi Jenina,

    Your blog is very helpful. My question is if you go to the embassy on the day of the interview, will they not ask for the “appointment letter”? If I don’t have it because they did not send it to me, what should I do? I tried to call the NVC but they said they send my i-129f packet to Manila already and said to call the manila embassy but I do not know who to get a hold off and what to tell them. Can they send me the appointment letter via email? My fear is that they will turn me away in the interview if I do not have the “appointment letter”. Your feedback on this matter would be most helpful.


    • Hi Barb,

      When my I-129F was approved, I never got an “appointment letter”. After being approved and it being transferred to the US embassy, I paid for my visa interview already. Got my interview date set up, had my medical. Once I set up an appointment, they’re going to send you an e-mail to print out the date and time and that was what I showed when I entered the embassy on the day of my interview.

  40. ruby says:

    hello, so you mean, right after confirming from the nvc that they sent out the approved I-129F to manila, i don’t need to follow it up at the embassy? can i already pay my visa and schedule for an interview? please tell me exactly what to do. and also, is the deposit slip for myself as a k1 applicant is the same type of deposit slip i will use for my daughter as k2? we are planning to have our medical as soon as possible, too. what is best to do, get a schedule for interview first before having our medical? thank you very much, i really need to know in specific.

  41. ruby says:

    hello again, im so confused, please help me, i just called the usem now and the one who answered the phone told me that it is already in their computer, but the physical file is not yet in there. do i need to wait for the physical file to reach them before i can proceed paying my visa and the medical? please help, thanks.,

  42. ruby says:

    hello, i just paid the visa fee yesterday at the bank. got my appointment scheduled online last night and they sent me an appointment letter thru email. now how am i going to print it out? right thru email or i should copy-paste it first on MS Word before printing it out? thanks…. 🙂

  43. sheralynS says:

    hi jenina! thanks for your blog! very helpful. my fiance petition just approved. now we are just waiting for the NOA2. it will take a lot of time pa pala. 🙂
    nway, im ready with some documents na, paano pala pag sa visa interview ? how did you presented all the documents? naka ordinary folder lang? 🙂 Thanks you so much!

    • Hi Sheralyn,

      After NOA2, it should take about 2-3 weeks because they’ll send it over to the Philippines. The way I presented my documents were simple. I just put it in a clear book. It’s very important to them that you prove you’ve seen each other personally within the last 2 years. Good luck!



  44. vin says:

    hi, thank you so much for all the information that you have provided. its so very helpful! 🙂 we just received our noa2 in an impressive 4 months! hehe my question is after you completed your interview, do you recall how much time you were allowed before you had to come to the states? my fiance wants to resign from her job and spend time with her family before coming.
    best regards,

  45. jocel says:

    hello there,
    were always reading your blog to follow the steps getting my fiance visa, but still we are still confused, i think its the guy who answers the phone made us confused….we receive our NOA2 last April 15 and were waiting for another mail that supposed to tell us the Manila Embassy got our petition, but its already 2 weeks so we decided to call them, but the guy says its not yet on Manila Embassy but he already give us the Manila Case Number, is that correct? that they not gonna give us the Manila Case number if our petition haven’t reach the embassy. I will appreciate your response what will gonna do next. Thanks a lot!

  46. jocel says:

    Hi we’ve been following your post since we started our paperwork, and we got our NOA2 April 15 this year, its already 2 weeks and almost weeks now but we haven’t heard something from the consulate if our petition already reach the embassy, bu they already give us our Manila case number…should we pay to the bank now and schedule an interview online or still wait for their mail that the embassy already got our paperwork. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Jocel,

      Once you get your MNL case number, you can pay for it and move on with the process. I never got a notice that my petition was in the Manila embassy already.


  47. Dianne says:

    Hello Jenina,

    Thank you very much for your very informative blog. It helps me very much to prepare for my interview. We just received our NOA2 last April 25th but that was approved last April 19th and we are still waiting for our MNL case number. My first question is, those documents from my fiancee like the I-134 or the Affidavit of support and the Income tax, are those needed to be original? Next question is, do we need to provide another Letter of Intent during my interview and are those should be original also? How about, just scanned and emailed to me, will that be fine?

    Please help. Thank you very much!

  48. hi! we just got the NOA2 on June 3 (4 months of waiting) We are not expecting it this month, we thought we could get it in 5 to 6 months. Anyway, my question is, can I get my NBI clearance while waiting for the packet? We all know that the processing time could take 3 to 4 weeks. The agency we hired advised me I can get NSO and CENOMAR anytime this month but not clear about the NBI clearance.

  49. Shyel says:

    Hi Jenina,

    How are you? Thank you for this blog. My fiance received the approval of our petition (NOA2) 4 days ago. I just want to know that i follow the process correctly.

    I understand that he has to contact the US embassy to check if they have forwarded the petition to manila and if so, I would be receiving a letter from them. Other way is to ask the MNL case # so i could go on with my medical exam and visa interview. I am kind of confused regarding this part. Would an MNL case # as good as the appointment letter? Shall i just write that somewhere? Im scared that St Lukes would reject me without it.

    And after the medical exam. We would have to pay the visa through BPI which is $350.00. After paying we could visit the website or send a request via email for the interview date. I should be receiving an email with the date and time of the appointment.

    Please confirm that i got everything correctly. I am very scared to make any mistakes cuz the most important thing in my life is to be with my fiancee as soon as possible.



    • Hi Shyel,

      How are you?

      I never received a letter from the US embassy. I just went ahead and got my MNL number, paid for my visa fee, scheduled my interview, had my medical, had my interview… and that was it. I didn’t run through any problems. What they’re saying though is make sure you have your medical at least 1 week before your interview because you have to give them time to mail it before your interview. Aside from that, it should be a smooth process. Hope this helps. I’ve been in the US for 1 1/2 years now, and never received a letter from the US embassy. LOL.


  50. Eorlene Pedeglorio says:

    Hello Jenina 🙂 Thank you for taking time in doing this blog,it’s very helpful 🙂 I have one question tho if you don’t mind? We received our NOA2 last April 28 this year. And until now we haven’t got any letter from the NVC. When my fiance called them,they said he needs to communicate with them through email,and so he did. They asked him to scan the NOA2 and send it to their email. But it has been almost 2 weeks now and we got no reply from them,it’s frustrating 😦 Should we just wait or is there any way that we could do to keep our papers moving? I hope you can help us.. 😦


    • Hi EL,

      Don’t wait for the NVC. If it has been approved since April, I’m assuming that your papers should be in the embassy already. Call the US embassy and ask for your MNL number. Then go ahead and pay for your visa fee and schedule your interview. Unless the process has changed, I wouldn’t wait for NVC.


      • Eorlene Pedeglorio says:

        Hi Jenina,so good to read your reply,thank you for responding 🙂 I called my Fiance right away after reading your reply :)) One more thing, should i call the US Embassy or my fiance/petitioner should be the one calling them? And have you happen to save the US Embassy number? Thank You So Much Jenina 🙂 God Bless You!! ❤

  51. Eorlene Pedeglorio says:

    Hello again Jenina, so i called the US Embassy already through their Customer Service number and the agent advised me to wait for the letter coming from the NVC 😦

    • Eorlene Pedeglorio says:

      Good day Jenina, it’s me again, El. Sorry if i keep bugging you, natutuliro na kasi ako at 4 months lang yong validity ng approval, and we wasted 2 months in waiting so im really frustrated now. You mentioned in the previous comment that you never received a letter from the us embassy and you just went ahead to get your MNL number. How was your own way of doing that? Did you called them or you went there physically? Coz im hoping it might work on us too. I really hope you can reply on this matter. Thank You So Much 😊

  52. Hello good day!
    Nice blog jenina. I have question regarding the steps after noa2.

    Q1: Recieved my noa2 last june21 under f2a. Do we have to wait till the nvc send followup mail for the affidavit support process?

    Q2: about the cenomar? Is it a must bring together with marriage certificate upon interview?

    Thanks.. i have tons of question

    • Hi James,

      My blog and responses are all solely based on my experience. Going on with that, I’m not familiar with the f2a visa and how the process is for that. I don’t want to give you wrong information.

      Visajourney.com might be of better help, as it deals with all types of visas.



  53. cheri22 says:

    hi gud pm ! just wanted to ask some questions.
    my fiance received an email from NVC saying ” NVC received on July 1..and forwarded o embassy on July 3 ” ..so whats the next step that we should do? do i have to wait to the package before going to the next step??or pay the visa fee? so confuse what to do…pls help 🙂

    thanks ! 🙂

  54. cherrie says:

    Hi po! Ask ko lng po if is it ok to procced paying to bpi evn if I didn’t receive an email yet from nvc or that packet ..they emailed my fiance na kc the mnl case number.. what am I suppode to do next?

  55. Ellena says:

    Hi, the purpose I wrote in my NBI clearance was for “US VISA” was that ok? Thank you, your blog is helping me alot 🙂

  56. blanche says:

    hi jenina..=) i read some websites and forum and it says that you need to fill up some forms from the package and send it to the embassy before the interview. but then on your experience you said that you never got the package and you just went thru with the requirements you listed in your blog…so i’m confused….so during your interview, they never asked for any documents from the package?it’s enough to just show them the documents and forms you listed in your blog?

    I just don’t think I’ll ever get the package..
    Really hope you’ll reply ^^. so I’ll be confident to just pay,get medical exam and get an appointment.
    Thank you =)

  57. Miles says:

    Hi miss jenina.. Ahmm narecieve na po ng fiance ko po ung noa2. Then they say that we need to wait 2 to 4 weeks…for what? And doon po ba sa noa2 mail ahm nakalagay na po ba doon ung mnl case#.. Ay sana po matulungan nyo ko. Ngstart n po ako mag ayos ng mga kailangan sa interview para di na masyadong mastress.. Tnx po.

  58. jacqueline says:

    hi miss jenina…my fiance received a letter that are case had been approved and we already have the manila case number.. i called the embassy hotline but they told to wait for the notice letter.. do i need to wait for the said letter or i can proceed now with the payment… hope to hear from you very very soon… i’m so confused with what the agent is instructing me to do and with you experience…

  59. yohan says:

    Hi miss Jenina. Saw this blog just right now. July 23 my fiance received NOA2. Now I’m just waiting for that packet/ eligibility letter bago daw mag sched ng interview. Pero nabasa ko dito na kahit di pa received ung packet pwde na mgbayad and magpasched?? What about ung Manila case number? Please help naman po.. I’m 7months pregnant and hoping na I’ll have my visa bfore 9th month. Thanks po mam!

      • El says:

        Hello guys 😊 Im subscribing here while im processing my papers so i can read your comments too. Now that im done with my visa i want to help you guys too 😊 So after Noa2 we received the nvc letter in the span of 2 months. Yes it took long. So i was freaking out and i kept on bugging miss jenina. Im so grateful that she responded to me and told me to call the nvc and get my mnl number even w/o the letter from the nvc yet. My Fiance called one morning and luckily he got the MNL number through phone. Once you got the MNL number from the nvc, you can proceed in paying your visa in any bpi bank branch. After paying, i downloaded all the forms in the internet. The forms are included here at Miss jenina’s blog, kindly read above. Once you prepared alll the forms, you can make an appointment at st. Luke’s hospital for the medical, and you can do that online too 😊 3am plng mahaba na ang pila, so agahan nyo nlng din po. After the medical, you can schedule your interview too through online. 7 am kayo papapasukin sa embassy, and 12 noon probably tapos na 😊 I hope this can help you 😊

  60. Riya says:

    Hello. I found this blog very informative and helpful. My finace was actually the one who found it. 🙂 Anyway, we have just received the NOA 2 almost three weeks ago, and we are back on the waiting phase. Thinking it is an absolute fact that we have to wait for the US Embassy here to get in touch with us. However, as I have read here, we can proceed with the scheduling of interview by calling the NVC and paying the visa fee? I hope I understood that correctly. Thanks again very much for sharing these useful information.

  61. jv says:

    Hi good evening ms jenina my fiancee filed k1 last july 29 and he got email aug 2 na narecieved na nila yun petition and wait for 7-10 days for the receipt or I-797 but until now wala pa sya narerecieved.pero merun binigay na receipt number..matagal nyo ba narecieved yun I-797 nyo ito ba yun noa2.he is worried he is being negative.thank you hope to hear from you Godbless you Both

  62. Meg says:

    Hi Ms. Jenina! Before anything else, thank you for sharing your experience. So the thing is, my fiance received the noa last week of august in the US. Were waiting for my copy here in manila, as ive read its manila case number. Its been 2 weeks so I have all the requirements on hand, just a bit confused coz my NBI is just a general green form, travel abroad. Should i get a new one stating “US Visa” or what is the most appropriate? Did you present police clearance too? Another one, who should call NVC? Me in the phil or my fiance in US? What are the informations that needs to be prepared? Your response will be much appreciate. 🙂

  63. kaye says:

    hello 🙂
    I’d like to ask about the W-2 form.. do you have the link? thank you…
    p.s I read that you said its ok to pay for medical and for interview.
    It’s also ok to proceed with the medical and interview as soon as we get our MNL numb.
    just quadruple checking hehe 🙂
    But of course, we should fill out all the links you posted and bring it with us during the interview thanks 🙂

  64. kaye says:

    Miss El or whoever that can answer me 🙂

    is the appointment letter needed for the medical and embassy interview?
    bc one blog said that during the medical, the guard asked for the appointment letter.
    what letter are they talking about? the one form us embassy in manila or the one you scheduled on the internet? thanks

  65. maine says:

    hi ms. jenina!

    ask ko lng po if after mapasa ng husband ko yung affidavit of support,ilang mos pa aantayin nmin to have our interview date?

    f2a po case nmin ng baby ko and my husband is a green card holder po 🙂

    still eager to reunite with my husband po kc..

    thanks a lot and Godbless po 🙂

      • enahs says:

        Hello po ask kulang po, we have received the I 797 Notice of action po,also known as notice of approval ito na puba yung tinatawag na NOA2 And the validity is only 4months, and meron pa po pla we have the I 797C din po pla yun puba ang tinatawag na NOA1 ??? after receiving this papers po ano na po ang dapat naming gawing or dapat kong gawin as a beneficiary…

  66. Kath says:


    Wow, I have been blessed when I first encounter your blog. Just like many other who wrote here I’m also lost cause I’m still waiting for the eligibility letter from embassy. It’s been a month since my fiancé received the mailed NOA2 and when a read your blog I immediately paid for my visa. But I go online and attempt to schedule for my interview I had problem entering with the case ID. Is the USCIS case number will no longer do to get an schedule for interview? Please advise… I hope to hear from you soonest. Thank you very much and God bless!


  67. ace cel says:

    hi ms. jenina ,
    thank u for bein such a big help i’m trying to prepare everything now we received our noa2 about a month ago and yun na pala yun!! i just seen the paper 3 days ago so we missed a month of processing papers but we have mnl case no. now thanks for your blog it helps me to prepare everything but one question what is approval notice valid for 4-5 months whats that for?just kinda stressed 😦

  68. lmp says:

    hi…we got our noa2 yesterday (Dec 18 2013).. we suppose to have lay offs in 2 weeks where I work at…will I be ok with the December pay stubs if I get laid off?? Would you know the time frame to submit pay stubs and taxes?? please let me know..thank u

  69. Eemi says:

    Hi! We just got our NOA2 last dec 19. Exactly 1 month from the day we sent our I129F. Last Oct nag comment din ako sa blog mo yun yung time na nagstrt pa lang kmi mag aus ng mga papel 🙂 waiting n lng kami for nvc letter hopefully makatanggap na kami soon para makapag pa sked n ko ng interview 🙂 thanks sa mga blog mo sobrng natulungan mo ko 🙂

    • Dino says:


      I am also concerned about this because my validity period is until Feb. 13, 2015 but i do have my MNL# but i haven’t do anything until now because i am waiting for the papers from usemba manila. Please confirm because i am running out of time. 😦


  70. Jane says:

    Hi, we got our noa2 yesterday and waiting for the hard copy, i just wanna know whats the next step after we got the noa2. Thanks a lot:)

  71. yani says:

    Hi Ms. Jenina, I just want to ask if as of 2014, can I schedule my medical just by having the mnl number? Thank you for having this blog, it is really helpful.

  72. Missh says:

    Hi…your blog is very informative..I would like to ask po sana if yung validty sa NOA2 is yung time limit nyo sa pag processs / pag bayad ng visa at pag papa schedule ng interview?Kkrecvd plng po nmin ng NOA1 nmin..pero sa Cali sya na center..nag wworry ako kc hnd pa ako tapos sa contract ko dito sa Work ko in Saudi Arabia.Nurse po ako dito..baka hnd ako i-allow na mag resign agad agad..so incase na 4 months lng ang validty ng NOA2 bago magpa sched ng interview…malaking problem saamin 😦 please reply Maam..thanks

  73. Crazely says:

    Hi, Janina, Thank you so much for your blog, it does help us a lot. We got our NOA2 dated JUNE 12, 2015. and waiting for our MNL case #. Janina i have a question, I havevnt change my passport yet from being married to single, as im still waiting for my annotated marriage contract from the NSO which ive been told it will take another 3 weeks from now before i get my origial copy, Once i get it, thats the only way i can renew my passport. Im worried that we wont be able to make it on time as the processing of passport in the Philippines now takes 3 weeks for express.

    I hope to hear from you. Thanks

  74. Ciara says:

    Hi Ms. Jenina,

    My fiancé sent the I129F last June 23 & our case was approved July 22nd. Is that already the NOA2 or we are still in NOA1? He also received a mail that our case was already forwarded to NVC. How long does my fiancé will wait to know our MNL case#? If we receive the MNL case#, Is it okay to pay at BPI already and schedule my medical at SLEC & interview at USEM. Thank you for your blog it helps me a lot.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

  75. cdeo says:

    Hi Jenina,
    Thank you for this blog.
    Was just wondering if you can help me with our problem.

    We received our Notice of Approval last December 16, 2015. Weve been waiting for the letter from Manila Embassy to get scheduled. BUt. We received another Notice of Approval on January 16, 2016. My fiancee will try to call NVC tomorrow to get an answer.
    We submitted our application last October 15, 2015. Got the NOA1 November 25,2015.

    Was wondering if you know why we got 2 NOA2. And what to do to get an interview schedule.

    Thank you so much.

  76. Lhen lising says:

    Hello! We received our I-797, Notice of Action but our First Notice or I-797C didnt arrive, will i have a problem in the embassy without it?

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