Alright! Here we go again! 🙂

If you’ve read my post before regarding what requirements are needed for your interview here, then you would know that one of the most important is the medical examination. The US is leary and very careful when it comes to the health of the people going and living to their country which is well and good, as this is for the common good of everyone.


Personally, I think that the medical is one of the most important part of the immigration process, if not THE most important. It is true they say, the interview is just for formality. It’s actually very, very easy. All you have to say is “Yes” or “No” as long as you have all the required documents with you. If you passed your medical, you’re actually quite good to go.

Just a little disclaimer, I had my medical alone. I didn’t have any child with me, so I don’t know what procedures there are for children. This is my personal experience. It may vary per person.

The US Embassy only accredits medical examination from St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic. Again, you can only have your medical in this clinic. It is located at Ermita, Manila. It is NOT the St. Luke’s in Quezon City or in Taguig. Again, the extension clinic is located at Ermita, Manila, walking distance from the US Embassy.

Before having your medical, here are some things to do and tips to keep in mind:

  1. Eat a heavy breakfast.
  2. Bring water with you. They allow it, but make sure it is in a clear container.
  3. For girls, make sure you don’t have your period. If you do, they won’t allow you to take your urinalysis. A 2 day process will become longer. If you just finished your period, it’s best to go have your medical a week after the last day of your menstruation.
  4. Dont wear a dress. Before the x-ray, you have to take off all your upper garments. The dressing room is shared by all. If you wear a dress, basically you’re taking off everything. Best to just share that with your loved one. 🙂
  5. Bring something to tie your hair with. Don’t forget this! During my medical, there were some girls asking for other people’s hair tie because they didn’t bring their own.
  6. Bring a black ballpen, not a signpen, and lastly;
  7. Be super healthy a month or a couple weeks before your medical, just to be sure. I’ve read in the forums that drinking one glass of milk every day helps clear up your lungs. I did that, just to be sure. 🙂 Load up on your vitamins. Remember, if something goes wrong with your medical, then you WILL be delayed. No passed medical, no interview.

Address: 1177 J. Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila

Telephone Numbers: (+63 2)521-0020, (+63 2)521-8647

Working Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 6:00am to 4:30pm (Make sure to check if it’s a holiday or not, because they close during holidays)


This is what the clinic looks like from the side. My fiance took this while he was waiting for me outside. BTW, you’re not allowed to bring anyone along with you. But, I saw some people who got away with it. 😐



It’s a yellow (weird) 5 floor building. If you’re going to bring a car, then there’s pay parking beside it. If you’re commuting, it’s quite easy to get there. Just ride a bus that will go through Taft Avenue, go down at UN Avenue, then walk to Bocobo St. People in the area know where St. Luke’s Clinic is, so just ask if you get lost. It’s always an adventure in Manila. 🙂

The medical is divided in 2 days.

Day 1 consists of all the tests

Day 2 is the immunizaation and results.


  1. $ 213.25 – 15 years and older
  2. $ 185.35 – less than 15 years old

Now, these are the documents that I brought for my medical:

  1. Original and photocopy of passport
  2. 4 pcs. recent 2×2 pictures. Make sure that your ears can be seen, and you’re not wearing any earrings. For some reason, they’re strict with that. 😐
  3. A scanned and printed NOA2
  4. A scanned and printed NVC letter with MNL case number
  5. Registration form of St. Luke’s. – You can do this online and print it out. It will make your medical faster, as you don’t need to input information in the clinic anymore. Here is the link: St. Luke’s Online Registration
  6. Appointment Letter with 2 photocopies (If you have this already, then no need for #3 and #4. Alas, the appointment letter is always sent late, or not sent at all. So, if you already have #3 and #4, I suggest that you already go take your medical. They’ll allow you in anyway.

Now that we’re healthy, monthly visitor is gone, have all our needed documents ready, then it’s time to have the medical. Weeee 🙂

I went there on a Wednesday, since people have advised me to go middle of the week as there are not a lot of people. It is advised not to go on Mondays and Tuesdays, because that’s when most of the people come in.

Warning: If you’ve read my Interview experience post, then you will know that in the Philippines, there will always be people that will bug you in places where documents are needed. St. Luke’s is not much different. Once you get there, there will be people selling ballpens, passport holders. They’ll keep asking you questions if you have this or that. It’s quite annoying. Just ignore them. Make sure all your documents are ready.

I arrived at 5:45 am, and there are not a lot of people yet. I finished at 10:30 am.

Inside, there will be a lot of people who will keep things organized. There will be guards who will point you to the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask them at all times. There are a lot of chairs, so I’m sure you’ll be comfortable. It’s actually a fun experience, and you’ll meet people there because of all the waiting. 

I was most nervous during my x-ray. Just one tiny speck on your x-ray will make them speculate you have TB and you’ll undergo a sputum test. This will delay you for 2 months! Yes, 2 months of waiting, again. As if we haven’t waited long enough. But, that’s procedure, and we have to follow it. We can’t continue on with the interview if we’re not cleared from our medical. 

How will you know if you passed the medical?

Well, you will find out on the 2nd day. With your passport and receipt on hand, proceed to the clinic once again. Hand over your receipt to the security guard at the front door, and he will check in the computer if you’re yey or nay. He will stamp something on your receipt:

If he stamped, “immunization” – celebrate as you passed. You’ll have your immunization and results that same day.

If he stamped, “sputum” – well, it’s only 2 months, right? You’ll be delayed and you have to undergo the sputum test.

Here’s what mine looked like:



If everything went well, then by the end of the day, you should have this:



Your vaccination form and your x-ray in the CD.

The bulk of your medical exam results will be sent directly to the embassy. They say that the latest you can have your medical is 3-4 days before your interview, but I suggest that you just do it earlier. Less stress for everyone. Plus, if you do have to undergo a sputum test, then your 2 months will start early. 

For me, this is the most nerve-wracking part. Worse than the interview, especially when I looked at what was stamped on my receipt. But, everything turned out well, and 2 weeks after my medical, I had my interview which went by smoothly also. 

Good luck on the medical! And, take note of the tips in this post. I hope it helps 😀

A thorough rundown of the Medical: HERE

St. Luke’s Extension Clinic Website: HERE

My Immigration Journey (Tips and Experiences): HERE



  1. Del E.Campo says:

    I remember that day I was with you to get the results… SO HOT! You were so brave doing all of this without me. 😀 You’re almost here!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Jenina! I just wanna ask what is this NVC letter with MNL case number? Because we already have the NOA2 . I am not sure about the NVC letter. We got one here but it looks like a receipt with a MNL case number (AOS Fee Payment Receipt Details) . Please enlighten me if it’s the same thing, Thanks!

  3. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Ohhh! You’re talking about AOS? I only have experience with K1 (fiance) visa, so I’m not sure with the spousal one. They have totally different processes. I think you might have to consult the forums on that one. I usually ask my questions on that I can’t help. Thanks for reading my blog though! :)Jenina Marie

  4. Vienna Janina says:

    I am also the petitioner from the U.S.A., and a registered nurse. I just want to share what my mom and my nephew encountered with the SLEC employees! My mom had undergone her medical examination last Monday and she was accompanied with my nephew! I cannot just keep my mouth shut! Some of their employees are rude!! From ground floor to 5th floor! They are all bastos! One of them is the old woman sa cashier! All she cares is getting our money! She even don’t know how to smile!!! Aren’t you guys know what is a customer service?? Damn! Also the receptionists at the 4th floor! Next is the old woman at the 3rd floor, my nephew described her as kulot and wearing eyeglasses! She is also bastos!.. The one they call MANAGER at 2nd floor does not know how to handle complaints! And they calls herself as a MANAGER?? Even the releasing nurse sa ground floor, the one with big eyes and kalbo, I am not sure if it is EVO or IVO or NIVO!! I am also a nurse and I know how to act like a professional one! But these medical staffs didn’t know how! I don’t think these employees have the appropriate educational background to be in their positions! Are they all licensed? I WOULD LIKE TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE U.S. EMBASSY! THE EMBASSY SHOULD RECONSIDER HIRING INCOMPETENT STAFF AND MANAGEMENT IN THAT CLINIC!! so there..

  5. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Oh, wow..I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and nephew’s experiences. That really sucks. I don’t know what to say since I don’t work for St. Luke’s. I have heard some complaints about them though. But, I don’t know if the management has heard about it. I hope your mom and nephew pass their medicals with flying colors!Imigranteng Filipina

  6. bob says:

    i took the medical examination for canada study visa at st luke extension clinic at ermita, manila (dec 26, 2012)

    everything went fine, everyone i approached was polite and helpful, sorry to you guys who encountered some people with attitude.

    for people who will take medical examination, dont be scared, everything is fine. 🙂

  7. Instructions included with the K-1 visa materials indicate a long list of vaccinations recommended, can you tell me what vaccinations are given during the medical exam at St. Lukes? Does it cover this long list? Or did you have any supplemental vaccinations later on to cover those in the instruction list (such as varicella, rotavirus, Hep a/b)?. Thank you for your advice!

    • Hi Kendra,

      I was confused as well before my medical as to how they go about with vaccination. I brought with me my baby book because it had my records of vaccination since I was a baby, and from there they decided what I needed. There are some vaccines for 65 years old, so they will decide which one you need, whichever applies to you. It’s going to be easy once you get there because they’ll decide for you which one you need.



      • Thank you for the quick response! So you hadn’t gotten any of the vaccines on the recommended list prior to your medical exam (with the exception of childhood vaccinations)? My fiance hasn’t received any of the vaccines since childhood, but he can not find his baby book. Thanks again!

  8. roselyn says:

    .i finish my med.examination today april 1.2013 for canada working permit. i dont know if i pas the med.exam. The nurse told me that i need to wait for 2-3weeks for the result. If the embassy send a letter to me then i pas the med. i hve my receipt from SLEC and thts all.. I was confused about the result. Can you help me?. Thanks for da response. 🙂

    • Hi Roselyn,

      Unfortunately, I can not help you. I don’t know the process for Canada as I went to the US. It might be different. It’s best to go to a forum regarding obtaining a Canadian visa.



  9. belinda says:

    thank you so much for this blog…its a big help indeed. i am waiting for my son’s docs for this medical exam et al and bit nervous. hahhaha… coz my son dont know anything about this stuff tho’ in school of course actual procedure is different. it sounds scary hahahha. i hope it will go well with him just like you. again thank you.

  10. anonnymous says:

    what if u diagnosed that u are positive with HIV, what will happen to that person undergo medical, she plan to go Canada and and i heard part of laboratory test is HIV TEST..what will happen..kindly reply ..pls important..

  11. Chao Visda says:

    Hi Jenina! Thanks for this blog. My son and i are scheduled for our medicals tom and i find this helpful. Canada bound but this is kind’a heads up for me too! 🙂

    To anonymous and Roselyn, you might want to check out this forum:

    Hope this helps! God bless us all! 🙂

  12. Joy Lagdameo says:

    I had a rhinoplasty operation 3 years ago and I can’t find my post-op records anymore. 😦 Is it still necessary for me to tell them during (history taking)? It was just a minor one and OPD. Please help 🙂 Thank you

  13. Joy Lagdameo says:

    thank you very much for the reply. i thought it really matters since “operation” kasi 🙂 God bless you.

  14. Kris says:

    Hi… Ask ko po ,what if may mga tattoo po ako… May possibility po kaya na bumagsak ako s medical exam? Thanks…

  15. Kris says:

    I got the ” immunization” stamp… Kaso po,na question po ung sa goiter ko before.. And now,they are asking me to get a medical record of it… Sana Hindi mgbago ung result ko ng dahil dun.. May possibility po kaya un?

  16. Jasmine Teves says:

    Paano po nila nalaman na may goiter ka? sa history taking ba un?
    hello po ask ko rin kasi may belly pierce ako? ok lang ba yun or do i need to take it out? thank you and God bless

  17. lorelie says:

    i just got our approval from USCIS via case status on July 5. My concern now is that on my form G325A, on the column where you are ask to write your addresses, I was not able to write my address where I worked outside Phils for 1 year and 6 months, since I thought that it applies only to your Philippine address. What can I do about it? thank you very much

  18. merrycherry says:


    My fiance is planning to file a K1 petition for me since we’ve been corresponding for almost a year now. My concern is My mom is presently in the USA however she is staying illegally. Would it affect the petition? or on the later part during the interview? Please help.

  19. Marilou says:

    Salamat! Thank you ImigrantengFilipina for the tips lalong lalo na sa dapat na isuot. Dapat sana dress isusuot ko buti nalang nabasa ko blog mo. Sa xray test marami tlga kami sa room buti nalang jeans and a not too tight T-shirt sinuot ko and true sobrang lamig sa loob so better to bring your jacket. Thank you talaga! I’ve got a CD and a vaccination record anyway 😉

  20. erosW04 says:

    Hi Imigranteng Filipina kakatapos ko lang ng lahat ng medical exam ngayon at binigyan ako ng instructions kung anong dadalhin kong papers na galing sa St. Lukes. All i heard was I have to photocopy this and bring that. I was so happy my mind was flying elsewhere. Now I wonder ano nga pala yung mga yun? Please help me.

  21. red says:

    hi Imigranteng filipina. I am about to apply for a work visa to canada. alam ko kase halos parehas lang medical policies nila ng u.s at sa st lukes din gagawin. I have a pulmonary scar from inactive tb way back 2011 and nevertheless nagtry kmi mgtreat ng pulmonologist ko baka nga mabura pero to no avail. negative ako lahat sa sputum smear at pti yung culture which i did pa sa singapore. Ngayon may clearance at completion of treatment certificate naman ako saka fit to work certificate din from lung center of the phils. will i have a strong chance of having the visa approved?

  22. hi immigranting filipina. kailangan po ba na my specific date sa medical exam sa st. lukes? kasi nagpa register po ako sa online registeration nila tapos yung confirmation wala pong date, sinabi lang na ang medical examanation ko ay 2 weeks before my interview, k-1 applicant po ako, my interview is november 18 2013. kailangan ko pa ba tumawag sa kanila for the date of my examanation? or i will go there without the specific date? thanks ,and have a nice day. god bless.

  23. nicole says:

    Hi, tatanong ko lang kung pwede ba mag pa medical muna bago pag pa schedule ng interview sa us embassy? After makuha yung letter from homeland Security? thanks 🙂

  24. Maria says:

    Hello, nag pamedical na po ako sa SLEC last week and need ko mag pa sputum exam next week.. natakot ako, kaya para makasiguro nag pa double medical check ako sa ibang diagnosis services.. Lahat namn normal.. Ano po ba dapt gawin? kc nabasa ko sa ibang blogs na hindi rin papansinin ng SLEC khit normal ung latest medical check up ko… Pls help po..

    • Hi Maria,

      Just follow the protocol. Yes, as far as I know, they don’t recognize outside diagnostic tests. Hopefully, it will be a good result for you. Hope everything goes well!


  25. Hello ma’am 🙂 Thanks for this! 🙂 Nagka-idea ako about what’s going to happen on my medical exam .. Actually, I was planning to have it on August 21 cause it’s holiday. And I don’t have classes on 22 (friday) Is that okay?

  26. Charisse Poblete says:

    Hi. Im done with my medical exam however I just noticed that the vaccination sheet i received is only one page but it is written on the bottom “page 1 of 2”. Am I missing the page 2? or the page 2 is to be forwarded to the embassy? thank you.

  27. Charisse Poblete says:

    I meant, is the page 2 of the vaccination sheet to be forwarded to the embassy by St. Lukes that’s why they did not give it to me? and what is the content of the page 2? and what does blanket waiver means? it says “applicant is eligible for a blanket waiver”. am i missing another medical process here or this is enough and i can proceed to my interview? much thanks.

  28. hi may nakapagsabi lang po sakin na 2 weeks pa daw ang results? magkakaiba po ba ng release dates, or after 2 days po makukuha?

    another thing is nakakatakot mag commute since the ideal time to be there is 5am. I’m planning to go there on friday, i just hope it won’t be as crowded as i imagine.. hay sana ok din results ko.

  29. Maria says:

    hello po, I undergo sa sputum exam.. Just confused about the instruction na bring toothbrush and toothpaste?
    is it better not to brush your teeth if you collect the phlegm or brush your teeth first before to collecting the phlegm?? if you did brush your teeth before collecting the phlegm, ano po magiging sintomas ?
    pls answer my question because I hate not to follow the instruction

  30. nicole says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kasi po nakareceived po ako ng letter from US Embassy na eligible daw po ang case ko for interview at nandun din po yung approved I-129F with MNL case number. Pde po ba na iyun ang dalhin ko para po makapag pamedical ako ? or need po talaga hintayin yung NVC letter? thank you po

  31. angeline jumaquio says:

    Hello.. importante lng po.. nawawala po kc yung vacination record ko. Kailangan pa po ba yung pra sa greencard interview?? Pwede p po ba kumuha ulet ng record mula sa saint lukes?? Please answer po. Thanks

  32. Hello po itanong ko po sana ung medical q na expired n
    So this week mag pa re medical po ako ulit nung una Kung medical na culture po ung sputum s next n re medical q po b need parin b n eh culture ung sputum ko.
    Waiting visa n po aq na expired Lang ung medical ko kya n delay ung pag issue nila ng visa ko !!!

    Thanks po

  33. nicole says:

    Hello Ms. Jenina, thank you so much sa blog mo na ito it really helps me a lot. Ngayon tapos na ako magpamedical and i passed it. So waiting na lang ako ng date ng Interview ko. thank you so much and god bless you. 🙂

  34. Wanderer says:

    Thanks sa blog na ito medyo na picture ko ano mangyayare sa medical namen. but I just want to ask some things:
    1. Nag take ako ng mga vaccines like flu vaccine and anti tetanus, is it safe kaya kung ulitin na lang lahat sa clinic un mga vaccines?
    2. Our interview is scheduled in 2 weeks from now, and we are thinking kasi if we can take the medical exam as early as now. pero kasi sabi nila dpat a week before interview. What do u think?
    lagi busy ang line ng SLEC, hindi ko kasi macontact. Thanks if ever for the reply.

  35. Marisa says:

    Hello ate imigrantengfilipina ..nag pa medical ako nung 4 .. Balik daw ako sep 8. Para sa immunization ko ng contact kmi ksi mister ko so kelangn dw munha ako pregnancy test , pag ba pupunta ka dun ulit kelangn maaga ba reply po And pano mo agad malalaman ok result ng medical?

  36. jen says:

    Hi.. salamat sau nagka idea ako about medical. Ako kc magppmedical din kaso may kasama ako anak ko 5years old.pwede kya magsama ng isa pra may mktulong ako pagdting s loob.hrap kc pag may mkasamang bta lalo n kung ganyan db… at yun medical fee nya.. una kc byad muna eh db tpos ska k ememedical.. wl n bang additional n byad p? O may phbol p? S second day b may bbyaran kpb?salamat s sgot ah

  37. Suzy says:

    Hi! Just want know if when’s the best time to take the medical exam before the interview. Is it ok kung a week before baka ma delay yung results di umabot sa date of interview, medyo alanganin yung menstruation period ko. Kung susundin ko yung protocol nila na 7days after ng period. Thanks a lot! 🙂 God bless.

  38. Sam says:

    You said bring the original appointment letter and have the first 2 pages photocopied. I only got my appointment letter through e-mail. So if I would print it I don’t really know if I should call it an original appointment letter. Will it be acceptable? Also for the interview, will they accept that? Because I never got a mail letter. We do e-mail processing.

  39. chariz says:

    Hello po , my concern lng po ako kasi im already pregnant and as what I know , vaccines would be a risk for the baby.. Would they still give me a shot or if I won’t do the vaccination makaka apekto po ba ito sa visa ko? Worried tlaga ako , this coming feb. na po ang medical ko…

  40. rey says:

    my tatoo po ako maam sa kamay mga 6 inch ang laki ngayon inalis ko siya tapos peklat na siya…peklat po ba hindi papasa sa med exam…? thanks…..

      • Rey says:

        Just bring your old X-ray film for a comparison.. If that scar is associated with tb.. There might be a problem… I had a suspicious densities on right upper lobe since January 15 2015 and still there until now. No changes at all or possible infection fortunately I passed the medical exam.. This is a minor findings only and waiting for my visa now

  41. hacsry says:

    Mam tanong kulang mejo may ubo ako at monday next week na medical exam ko..there is this posible ba na i will b mark “sputum” due having a caugh?..tnx

  42. Airyelle says:

    Hello. I’m planning to accompany my lil sis (minor) na magpamed exam sa st lukes. You mentioned in your article na hindi ung st lukes sa taguig. I checked the SLEC website and i saw SLEC in Bonifacio Global City. Siguro bagong branch un this time? I learned na mas mabilis daw ung process dun. Will the med exam consume a day pag walang probs na nakita? Thank you.

  43. Maria says:

    Hi madadm..ask ko lang po K2 visa ung sa amin..gusto po kasi ng fiancé ko magpa vaccines na kami bago pa kami mag pa interview kasi daw po ung ibang vaccines need pa ng 3 shots like HEPA B etc..para daw po hindi na tumagal…possible po ba yun? Tatanggapin po ba sa St. Lukes un?

  44. robe says:

    Hi po..I need your help

    I don’t have vaccination record kasi na sunog yung bahay me noon. do i need to get another vaccination to bring my medical exam?

  45. Jelai says:

    Ask qo lang nag Medical aqo today pero iba ang tinatak nila sa akin to come back for personal evaluation. And it takes 25days for me to return to SLMC. Any help po baket ganun

  46. macmac says:

    Helo imigranteng pilipina..i have a question regarding on immunization/vaccination..
    Ive done my medical exams at SLEC except for my vaccination..and granted canadian visa under LCP though queued for printing as of this date..
    My question it required forme to undergo vaccination inspite of the complation of m

  47. Ms.Leona says:

    May tanong po ako. Nagpa medical exam ako at anak ko 5 years old. Non Nov. pa, nabigyan Na kamo ng vaccinations and medical kaso gusto ng staff Nila magbayad kamo ng 120k para daw Sa code for psychiatric. Deba Pag nagpapa medical Ang mostly kailangan Lang vaccines? Kung healthy ka at Wala sakit

  48. novemberguy says:

    Hi imigrantengfilipina, What if they required me to undergo the sputum culture because of an abnormal x-ray? db 2months yun? Pano yung scheduled interview ko? Sino ang magcacancel or re-schedule? Pano ang process? Kasi ang alam ko iniischedule ang medical a week before the interview db?

  49. Ms.Confused says:

    I am scheduled to take my Medical Exam next week, and your blog helped me a lot on how to make things organized, and what to expect. The Do’s and Don’ts, the paper stuff, the requirements, even what to wear! Everything from start to finish. Thanks to people like you who make extra effort to help fellow Filipinos in finding ways how to make everything in accordance with the process. More power to you! By the way, do you have a facebook account? Fan Girl here, lol

  50. mylene says:

    hi, i just have a question my mom need to undergo sputum on april 4,5,6 &7, and as far as i know it’s 2 months waiting for the result, ang interview po ay April 20th, my question is sino po mag rereschedule ng interview my mom or automatic n po un???pls need help..than you..

  51. krish says:

    hi, tanong lang po ako.. june 2 po ung interview ko, may 23 po ako magpapa medical exam, sakali pong may menstruation ako nyan, ang sabi pag may period balik a week after… aabot pa po ba ako sa june 2 nyan with the results? thanx!

  52. Dana says:

    Hi planning on taking my medical this monday, but my passport expires on monday also but i already have receipt of my renewal but it will be release on may 24, should it be ok to just go through with my medical.. thnx

  53. Mark Ryan nucum says:

    Ma’am.. tanong ko Lang po sana.. nag pa medical Na po ako,then Na declined po visa ko.. nyon ang employer ko ang mag aasikaso Nang visa ko.. Kailangan po nya Nang medical result or certification.. tanong poh.. pano po ba ako makaka kuha Nang medical result or certification? Reply asap

  54. MonicaMedina says:

    as for taking a fiance visa, do i still need to have an immunization record, to show to St. lukes, or i dont? coz im gonna take my medical asap, cozi only have an approval notice until feb 27th.

  55. Hi! I just wanna ask, what would happen if I undergo the medical examination for the K1 Visa while I’m pregnant with my Fiancé’s baby. Do I need to undergo x-rays? Vaccinations and stuffs like that? What should I do during the medical examination?

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