Let me join the bandwagon, only because I feel that the times are changing here in the Philippines.

Issue at hand: Removal of these billboards along EDSA. (It’s already taken down) 

The billboards feature the Philippines’ rugby team “Volcanoes”, and the Philippines’ soccer team “Azkals”. It is part of a calendar being issued at P 69 (teehee), and proceeds will go to the Philippine rugby team which I think is a good cause, in order to garner more support for the team, and to hone the talents of the players. All for the glory of the Philippines. 

Being complained about by Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian, who said he covered his nephew’s eyes when they passed by the billboard. 

I think he’s just green-minded. Or maybe, jealous? Those packages seem like they’re going to burst! 😮 😮 😮 But, I’m not complaining. (smile with blush)

Mr. Gatchalian, what about these billboards of women then? Aren’t you going to ask them to take it down as well? 

Mr. Gatchalian said that the road is very busy, and many people can see it. It’s true that EDSA-Guadalupe is quite busy, but if you’ve been active in the social networking scene, these billboards have been entertainment and a cause for happiness for commuters and drivers who are stuck in traffic alike. Now, they’re stuck in traffic looking at a black hole.

Mr. Gatchalian, maybe you can move your eyes a little bit to the right, yes that’s right. Then look down a little bit.. What do you see? Oh yeah, the once renowned Pasig River. Maybe you can help cleaning that river up? Yes? No?

I hope that public officials will put more of their time to issues like education, poverty, health and generally, social welfare.

My plea to the public officials: Please focus on problems more relevant and more important. Please serve the countrymen as we are your bosses. Please don’t let your prudeness get in the way of serving the general public.



  1. Del E.Campo says:

    The billboards there amaze me… they’re actually put up to cover the worn down buildings and poverty that it surrounds. I agree that there’s more to it than just underwear ads and how politicians easily targets “morality” agendas. It can be a numbers game and I’m sure the sole purpose of being controversial is to gain more publicity. So- the ads and politicians profit in the end… yet, the real problem about enviromental improvement is gone to waste.

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    But, there are a lot of people voicing out their ideas. It’s always this way in the Philippines, we’re lacking that push. Just one more, and we’re almost there. I hope we’ll get there soon. We have so much potential.

  3. Del E.Campo says:

    as you said… a country needs younger and more progressive leader. Yet, it’s not always about the age or the new idea. It’s about sticking to the rules and enforcing those laws for everyone. Too many changes in a 20yr span can lead to country of disbelief. You can point fingers… but, carrying out the most basic and common sense of rules “10 commanments” is a good start.

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