UNTITLED (Because of mixed emotions)

Today is my last day in the Philippines. (Well, last whole day)

I didn’t think it would be this hard. This is my safety net. The place where I have felt and learned and experienced everything there is about life. Although I am still young, I feel like I’ve been here for decades.. and this is the only place I call home. I wake up and sleep at night thinking of how beautiful and wonderful the Philippines is.

There are so many things that I will miss here in the Philippines. 

The food…

The places…

EDSA with the giant billboards.


Waiting for the train…


Flagging down a jeepney…


The religion…


The smiles…


But most of all I will miss…

My friends…

and my family…

Super dami kong mami-miss. On the positive note, I’m ready to start my new life. It’s better to look ahead into the future, and make it stable. While doing so, why not make it fun? 

I will always try to go back to the Philippines, to see my family and friends. Thank you for everyone who have made it special (parang hindi na babalik? Haha), and made it fun and memorable. 

I love all of you!!! Finally, I will understand what they mean when they say, ‘there’s no place like home’.




5 thoughts on “UNTITLED (Because of mixed emotions)

  1. elsen says:

    Jenina..i just cried i am so touched naman you know i knew from the start that u came from a decent family…ur such  nice person and believe it or not i am crying while typing i am thinking of my dad at the same time becuase he passed away 3 months ago he would have been so happy to know that my petition is approved..my dad always told me that i am his favorite…i am just sad bec i ahve just my 2 bros here the other one is single and my diko has his own family neybor namin sya..i amliving with my bro(  bunso)..and he's going also to spain this year! my mom and my 2 sisters are in barcelona my mom had to live 2months after dad died bec she has her apos in barcelona to atleast give her jy and forget the lost of my dad for a while. what makes me feel sad is that why my fanily and i have to live in oppsite direction of the earth when life is too too short. but i know naman that fate is like this..because we have our own journey in life like you and me because nagmahal tayo ng tao na malayo sa atin so we had no choice but to be with them forevr because we love them…not because we love their country gaya ng ibang pinay they didin't care if they are married to the old ones and diidnt know the risk as long as they can sttep on u.s land they think they already dig a mountain of gold..i am so happy for you jen para na kitang anak o sister ang gaan ng loob ko sayo..God will always guide you in everything yuou do kc ur a very nice person…i know lg kang pagpapalain i hope you to be happy in the arms of your loved one there in the u.s….stay as sweet and as nice as u are Jen…..may chicken joy naman sa calif sa NC wlng jollibee e.lol!

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Elsen, Don’t cry.. cause I’m trying to be strong as well. Thank you po for your comments, I just really love my family. 🙂 I’m just realizing now how difficult it is. It’s true.. I’m not blinded of the face that it’s the US, the only reason why I’m going there is because HE is living the the States, and just thinking of the future… of what benefits our lives the most. But, my heart and I guess your heart too, will always be here in the Philippines. I’m worried also, because my Dad is sick as well. I hope he lives on til he has great great grandchildren. Hehe. He knows naman. Wow! Magkakahiwalay pala talaga kayo. Ako, ako yung first na umalis sa family ko, kaya its really difficult. At least you already got used to some members of your family away, ako first time talaga. I agree, life is too short. It may be difficult now that i’m going to be living in a foreign country, but i’ll make do of what I have and exert effort to show my family that I’m still here.Thank you so much for your comment, can I call you “mommy” or “ate”? You made me teary-eyed. Thank you for the well wishes, and I hope youn live your happily ever after as well.Love,Jenina MariePS – Iba daw yung lasa ng Chicken Joy sa Cali. 😥 HUHU!!! Wala pa daw kasamang rice. Kakaiyak!!!! Haha

  3. Del E.Campo says:

    i won’t promise you that southern california can substitute for your loss or compare the two worlds. i can’t replace your friends and family- which i will not because they are priceless. what i can tell you is that we can make the best of any enviroment given that we’re both together and always motivating each other to be our best. you’re not leaving them permanently… you’re just a pioneer. taking the steps grow and enjoy what love has given us both. SO LET’S DO THIS!!!! I’ll see you in less than 20hrs. LOVE YOU!

  4. elsa says:

    I hope ur Dad gets better soon…Hehe yes walang rice nga daw ewn ko ba samntalng halos ng customer eh pinoy naman haha! u can call me ate yan ang tawg ng mga pamangkin ko sakin d2! so jan knb my cousin just saw your pics sb nya ur so simple and pretty bawal dw panget sa u.s bkit dw ako nag aaply haha she’s silly! JEN NAG FILL OUT KB NG DS-230? SB KASI D2 SA VISAJOURNEY KAILANGAN PARA SA K1 YUN..TOTOO BA? MY PAPERS AND DOCS ARE ALL COMPLETE YUN LANG WALA AKO. ano namne mo sa facebook would u mind if i add u? take care! Godbless Jen!

  5. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Ate Elsa, Haha! Kakatawa naman cousin mo. 🙂 Okay naman dito.. Mainit din tulad ng Pilipinas, kaya okay naman. :)DS-230 for K1 visa? Wala akong na-encounter na ganyan. Sa spousal visa po ata yun. :)I accepted your friend request na!!! It’s so nice to meet you. :)Jenina Marie

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