I’m baaaaacckkk! Sorry if I’ve been out for a couple days, but the day I got here til now has been so busy. Now is the time I was able to get to post on my blog, and I miss it. 🙂

I got the service of Philippine Airlines, the oldest airline in Asia. (That’s how they advertise it)

I departed the Philippines at July 17, 10pm and arrived in the US at July 17, 8pm.


Well, I’m not a traveler, so I can’t comment or compare airline services. All I have to say is that I wish it was cleaner, seats were more comfortable, and that they had bigger and cleaner restrooms as well. The flight was so cramped. My flight was supposed to be at 8pm, but was moved to 10pm. Everyone was at the 10 pm flight. There were a lot of Korean students in the airplane. 😐 I think they have too much money.

Anyhoo, 13 hours is a LOOOONNNGGGG flight. OMG, I think that was the longest time wherein I just sat. I can’t imagine, yet, this airline is already non-stop and the fastest way to get to the US. I take my hats off for those who still have connecting flights. It’s difficult, and very tiring. The food was good enough to get you across, although they give small amounts of liquids, so you get really dehydrated. I had to go to the pantry a couple of times to ask for water because I was so thirsty.

Finally, the pilot said that we will be in LA in an hour, so I freshened up and got ready. I was at the window seat, and at this time, all I can see were mountain terrains. It was beautiful, but my camera’s not. Sorry for the ugly quality. It’s only a cellphone camera 🙂

Apparently, the wind current brings us to Northern California first, passing by the dessert, and then getting to SoCal. It’s cool 🙂

I was so happy we finally landed, because I was so tired.

We went out, and I had no idea where I had to go next. I just followed where everyone was going, and it was a long walk. After that, we got to immigration. It was a long line as well! There were a lot of Asia students, I guess because they were going to study English here. It took long, because they have a hard time speaking and understanding English, so at times, the immigration officer had to call a translator so that they could understand. After an hour of falling in line (Yes, an hour o.o) I was finally called. ‘Lo and behold, the immigration officer is also Filipino. Basically, we just chatted! LOL. He was really nice. I handed him the yellow envelope that the embassy gave me, as well as my passport. Here are the questions he asked me (what I remember) :

  • What’s the name of your fiance?
  • Where did you meet?
  • How old are you?
  • Kwentuhan mode about the Philippines

Grabe, so that’s my POE experience. Weird, huh? It was easy… cause he didn’t really ask much. He took my fingerprints, wished me good luck, and off I went to get my luggage!

After getting my luggage, I headed for customs. Just follow the arrows as there are a lot of them pointing you to the right direction. There are also a lot of airport officers, so don’t hesitate to ask them when you get lost. I fell in line to get through customs. Finally, I was called next. The guy assigned to me was a really nice African American. He looked at my visa and said, “Oh, what a nice reason to go to the USA. Congratulations and good luck.”

Then, I was, “Oh, thank you. That’s it?!”

“Yes, that’s it. Welcome to America.”

“Thank you!” I guess he saw my extremely surprised look cause he seemed amused. He didn’t even look at my delaration form! Just at my visa.. My POE experience was extremely easy! And, the people were really nice. I was actually super duper nervous at this POE experience, but there’s nothing to be nervous about. I’m sure everyone else will be fine! 🙂

So, after going through customs, I was able to go out and look for my fiance. Yey! And, this is the picture he took of me as I was getting out of the gates.


It was a long and tiring flight, but I’m happy to be with my fiance. I get homesick sometimes, but I try to be busy. I’m done with my K1 visa process, and now it’s time for AOS… but that won’t happen til a couple of months.

Hope everyone is doing well! God bless!


4 thoughts on “MY POE EXPERIENCE @ LAX

  1. John Cooke says:

    I know the feeling as I’ve flown to Australia a lot fortelong fligts but my journey to USA was 8 hours andMinneapolis is a good airport and trough quickly she looked at my envolope and did photo prints and lauged you haven’t any meat said bno so wentthrough Customs remarked on amount of bagage said K1 visa so he laughed and said no wonder then I walked into my loves witing arms now married and awaiting AOS completion

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    John Cooke,I still remembered how tired I was from the flight. And I was just sitting down. Can’t wait til they invent and perfect super fast airplanes. :)Imigranteng Filipina

  3. rin says:

    nice to read this. im about to fly on Dec 31, new yr new life! Ill keep on reading your blog since ill be moving to SoCal as well. pls be patient with my future questions hehe i think ill bother you in the next couple of months =)Thank you!!!!Rin

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