As I am bored to death because I am not allowed to work as of yet, here is another post.

I got here last July 17, Sunday. “Here” means the United States of America. Fun, huh? I never thought I’d be in this place. I mean, for a girl who grew up in the Philippines, used the jeepney as her most common form of public transportation, used to all the traffic, used to seeing all the SM supermalls, used to hearing about stories of how great and nice the US is and used to being with her family’s side, well, this is truly a big step for me. Something I would not really do, unless there’s a real and important reason behind it. Well, lucky for me (or unlucky?), the reason is a man I want to be with forever. Sooo, really no choice in that, huh?

The first few days were nice… Elmer took me out to let me see the place, as well as get to know the area as well. I still have a lot of things to know. I hate it when I don’t know how to get around a place that’s supposed to be my home. I better have to take things into my own hand. 🙂 

Elmer brought me to Naples wherein there is a lovely canal with beautiful landscapes and great architecture. I loved it!

He also brought me to Palos Verdes, which is kind of like a hill. He was supposed to show me the view of the ocean at the top of the hill, and he was so excited too, but there was a marine layer at that time. Bad timing, and Elmer was so bummed! Too funny. :)) There were also nice houses there, the ranch type houses which is what we both want. Expensive though… Grrr! 

After Palos Verdes, we then went to the beach. I forgot what beach it was, because there are so many beaches here in Long Beach!!! It was nice, although different from the ones in the Philippines. I miss the warm water and sun, and the cool breeze. Here, it was COLD!!! But it was nice also, maybe because I was with Elmer’s company.


I had a lot fo fun, though I can’t help but miss my family. I wish they were here as well to share the experience with me… But, I’m thankful for Elmer and his family in helping me adjust to the life here. It’s not bad.. I can get used to it. The future is not clear, and I don’t know where it will lead me, but as long as Elmer is with me and helping me, along with our families, then I think I’ll be fine.



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