..UPDATE.. Regarding AOS.

Well, a couple hours after posting my AOS guide, I received a letter telling me about my biometrics appointment. A biometrics appointment is basically just taking your picture and fingerprint. I’ve read somewhere that they use it for the greencard. I’m happy about this, but can’t help but be impatient still. I guess it’s normal, especially for a woman. Damn, the waiting can get really tiring and annoying, since you can’t really do anything in America til you have that greencard.

I’ll update my blog if ever I get an RFE (I hope not) or whatever else happens to my application.

Wishing everybody good luck, and happy days!

Imigranteng Filipina


One thought on “..UPDATE.. Regarding AOS.

  1. Tacia says:

    Hi!My name is Tacia, and I found your blog through the visajourney forum!Im going thourhg AOS too, and it’s been almost 1 months since I got my NOA1 (for AOS and EAD), and no biometrics appointment yet…ughhh….Anyway, I have a blog too, but it’s all in portuguese (my native language- Im from Brazil)), but there is a tool on there, where you can change the language so you can read it, if you would like.I will add your blog on my list, and I will come here often to tell you hello! :)MY username on visajourney is: T&R =)

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