UPDATE # 2 [AOS – Walk-in Biometrics]

Since I’m not really doing anything at home, and I’m so eager to have my biometrics (even though it’s scheduled for October 18), I decided to do a walk-in. A contributing factor for me being eager (a better term for impatient) is that I keep reading on VisaJourney everyone doing a walk-in and being successful. Basically, a walk-in is being there earlier than scheduled, which is kinda being impatient. But, I didn’t care. The slight chance that I might be processed earlier for my green card is enough motivation and push for me to go there earlier than expected.


I went there early, at around 8am. There were around 15 people in there, I guess those who lined up really early. However, it was fast. I was worried they were going to ask me why I was there early, but actually, they didn’t, which surprised me 😮

The security guards are really nice. There are 2 of them, and they’re both Filipino (Teehee). However, they were multi-lingual, because I can hear them talk Spanish, Korean etc to various immigrants. Amazing. I had to fill up a form, and oh! The receptionist is also Filipino. How fun!

After around 15-20 minutes of waiting, they called me in for biometrics. It’s basically just a picture and fingerprints, then they ask for your signature. The guy who took my biometrics is also Filipino. Damn! I feel so at home.

Everyone was so nice, and it was fun. The hard part is going back home, and waiting…



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