Mahirap din…




I’ve been through this before with the K1 visa, and here I am at it again. ARGHHH! Just so frustrating that you leave your life in the hands of some stranger to make you legal, not realizing that time is of the essence. You would think here in the States, knowing how important time is, that they would be fast with your papers, after paying them a fortune! Just so frustrating! Add the fact that people who submitted their papers later than me are getting approved. Dear Lord, please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

There’s always something bittersweet when I watch this movie. It’s such an innocent film, but it packs so much emotion. It’s an imaginary world that you wish and hope for, but seems to be only present in your dreams.


I can identfy very much with Dorothy Gale. There’s something about her wistful eyes filled with wonder, her kind heart, her love for Toto, her naivety… that I wish to see in other people, or maybe see in myself. The braveness, and the seemingly brazen attitude that you can do anything and that now seems to be only present in the very few. 

At 23, there are so many things that I want to do, but can’t seem to start on. There’s always something holding me back, may it be lack of confidence, or whatever. Dorothy, the moment she entered the kingdom of Oz, was given so much confidence. She had a lot of help from people that you might not expect to meet. In the end, she suceeded, along with her nostalgic voice. 

Maybe ever since graduating from college, I can’t seem to find my place. Maybe I am not satisfied with my advancement. Maybe being stuck in a small place for such a long time is making me feel down. Maybe the fact that I’m 23 and can’t seem to get a headstart is pulling me down.

Maybe I might not be looking hard enough for where that yellow brick road starts, though I can’t wait for me to cross paths with it. I don’t own any beautiful ruby, red slippers to bring me down that road, but I think my worn-out flats will do for now, as I’m sure the Wizard will understand. I ask help from the Wizard to always give me the patience, but most importantly the strength to get started and to get through, 

For now, I’ll happily think about the paradise that Dorothy saw over the rainbow.