Time to seriously look for work!

Finally, my work permit here in the US has been approved. I am so relieved, because I can finally get my driver’s license and start driving again. In other words, I’m just happy that I won’t be stuck at home anymore. 🙂

I am still waiting for an interview notice for my green card to really prove my legality in this country. Hopefully, I’ll hear something about that soon as well. 

I hope that I won’t have a hard time looking for a job. There are a lot of goals and dreams my husband and I want to achieve. I can’t wait for the both of us to live it. 


Day after day

I don’t know how much more of this waiting I could take. Lots of fucking wasted time, seemingly waking up everyday just to wait for my husband go home. I love my husband, but it’s not how I want to spend my days. I know it’s going to end some time but shit I hate this.