Time to seriously look for work!

Finally, my work permit here in the US has been approved. I am so relieved, because I can finally get my driver’s license and start driving again. In other words, I’m just happy that I won’t be stuck at home anymore. 🙂

I am still waiting for an interview notice for my green card to really prove my legality in this country. Hopefully, I’ll hear something about that soon as well. 

I hope that I won’t have a hard time looking for a job. There are a lot of goals and dreams my husband and I want to achieve. I can’t wait for the both of us to live it. 


2 thoughts on “Time to seriously look for work!

  1. Reaniza says:

    Hi Jenina! I read na my schedule kna pla sa interview mo…i received mine also Feb 10 interview ko…:) how many days mo natanggap ang EAD/AP from letter of interview? I am still waiting for my EAD kc ang hirap tlaga kapag nasa bahay lang..:(

  2. Imigranteng Filipina says:

    Hi Reaniza,Yeah, I have my interview scheduled for Feb. 3. I’m not sure about the EAD… but I think hindi mo na kelagan yun, kasi pag approved na yung green card mo, invalid na yung EAD. I’m sure ma-aapprove din yung EAD mo somewhere between today and interview, pero parang wala ring use kasi malapit na rin yung greencard interview mo. Hintayin mo nalang yung interview, and get ready for it.. Konting tiis nalang, and pwede ka na rin mag-work!!! Almost sabay lang tayo ng interview, kung titignan mo, mas mabilis na-process yung papers mo kesa sa akin. :D<3 Jenina

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