TO-DO for Year 2012

I’m going to join the bandwagon here, but after years of seeing other people doing this, and then actually making it come true is absolutely amazing, and quite frankly, makes me jealous. Well, it is true though, that writing it down, making a list, checking it in the middle of the year, checking some of it off, then checking it again at the end of the year and knowing you did 9/10 or even the unheard of 10/10 is extremely satisfying. So, here goes.


1. Get a job. – In order to make most of the things listed below possible, I need moolah.

2. Get another job. – A part-time job? Another full-time job? I’m not really sure if I can do this, but I think I can. There are a lot of important things happening in the future, and I need to save for it if I want it to come true.

3. Take further education. – Brain food. Brain cells need to start working again. Plus, I miss studying. I’m sure I’ll regret saying/typing down that sentence before this.

4. Learn a new hobby. (An inexpensive one) – To pass the time. Something productive when I’m extra non-productive? Anything, as long as it doesn’t cost much.

5. Avoid spending on things that are not really needed. – Try not to shop. If I do shop, make sure it’s in clearance, in a thrift store or somewhere cheap (unless I’m buying presents for loved ones). I’ll reserve the branded stuff when I, out of nowhere, suddenly have a billion dollars. Yes, not million, but BILLION. Frugality at its best. 

6. Eat out only ONCE A MONTH! – I break this more than my husband. Self-control and discipline.

7. Save money for a house or a condo or maybe even buy one! – I want a house where my husband and I would actually feel like we’re husband and wife, with all the wallet busting responsibilities. Plus, I want my time-out room, where I can relax or cool my head. I think I’m going to be emotionally attached to that room if ever I do have one. I’m rambling.

8. Lose 10 lbs. – ‘Nuff said. An objective goal with numbers in it. Let’s see how this one goes.

9. Go back home to the Philippines. – How I miss my family. Breaks my heart that I can’t be in my niece’s debut, Mom’s 60th… and a lot more. Sigh… Tears. Hopefully I can get this done. If not, 2013 then.

10. Either bungee jump or sky dive. – Just being selfish. I can’t imagine the adrenaline rush this one will give me. Just thinking about it and I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins!

Now, this year sounds more exciting than ever! ๐Ÿ™‚



One thought on “TO-DO for Year 2012

  1. Elmer DelCampo says:

    1. almost there!2. it’s a job being with me. ;)3. mmm- always fun to learn something new.4. you can learn to play guitar? learn to draw? cook?5. how not to spend… that’s my problem more vs. you. :(6. hahhaha… we broke that rule of eating every weekend. :P7. house YES! condo… mmmaybe. $aving!8. 10lbs! I say lets just tone up. being fit is always better than being too skinny. :D9. YES- I too want to go back and see more of the Philippines.10… I’ll just watch you! Such a daredevil. ๐Ÿ˜€

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