Ooohh, the Library brings back so many memories.

Typing this, I feel like an old maid.. but I’ve always liked going to the library. There’s something very fulfilling with self-studying. Knowing that it all came from hard work, and that you did it, gives you that feeling of accomplishment. Also, the fact that if I do fail, I have no one to blame but myself. Another benefit includes spending less money. However, now that I think of it… the countless Starbucks frappucino and banoffee pies I consumed while studying can total to the tuition if ever I do enroll in a review class. Hmmmm…

The reason I’m here though is that if ever I do get the job in a mental facility, I need to touch up on the theories, evidences and practices in this field of nursing, just so I don’t feel so clueless or out of place on the first day of the job (crossing my fingers, not assuming as of yet). It’s not something I’m that much interested in, although it’s something maybe I can grow to love in the future? Maybe.. I’m quite excited though, and hopefully, things will be fine. 

Anyway, good luck with everyone in all their endeavors! God will really make a way, if you have the will. 


<3, Imigranteng Filipina


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