How is everyone?

I don’t really know how much people are actually reading my blog, but I’m going to ask this question anyway.

How is everyone doing? 

Things have been HELLA crazy with me. I’ve been so busy with work, trying to juggle 2 jobs. I can’t complain… I’m blessed and thankful. Just a little bit tired with no vacation in site. Aside from that, married life is great.

I kind of took a break with guides or tips for immigration, only because I’m in that 2 year in-between permanent residence and then removal of conditions. Being a permanent resident was easy enough. Honestly, once you get here, it gets easier. The hardest one was the K1 visa interview in the Philippines. Now that I think about it, damn, it felt like yesterday and felt like lightyears ago at the same time. It was only last June 2011 – a year and a half ago.

So, here’s to hoping everyone is doing great so far. 2012 is almost over, let’s make the most out of it!