A Homeowner’s heaven and hell

Owning a home has always been on top of my bucket list/priority list. (More in the priority list because it needs to get done ASAP.)

After working my ass off in order to save for a down payment, going through all the paper signing and technicalities that, to be honest, I barely understood, we finally got keys to our first ever home. This was 3 years ago.

Since then, it’s been both heaven and hell. Heaven because:

  1. I’m finally away from my in laws.
  2. I get my own room (I know I share it with my husband, but you get my point.) My dream of owning my own bathroom is on hold as the house only has 1 full bath.
  3. I have a sense of accomplishment. Who has bought their first home at the age of 24? (Bought in a sense that I own the bank a shit ton of money)
  4. Another list off my bucket list.
  5. I feel like an adult. (Because I don’t act like one.)
  6. I get my own space.

Hell because:

  1. After working to save for a down payment, I am now working to pay off my mortgage.
  2. Which means I can’t stop working. I was hoping to retire at age 30. (I wish!)
  3. Our water tank broke and that was $1,200 of unexpected expenses. I hate unexpected expenses.
  4. Property tax. So dumb.
  5. Water bill, electricity bill, gas bill – all kinds of bills.
  6. Insurance that I don’t use.
  7. Groceries, having to cook my own food. No one’s got time for that!

I exaggerate for the sake of the blog. Responsibilities are a part of life. I wouldn’t want it any other way anyway. Having a home is a lot of work, yet it gives me so much happiness pulling into the driveway and knowing that I have a roof over my head. It shows me that maybe I made a right decision somewhere along the way, that all the long days and nights were all worth it.

Now, if only the dogs would stop digging into my backyard.


3 thoughts on “A Homeowner’s heaven and hell

  1. Well, insurance is buying peace of mind. You buy it but don’t want to claim it (believe us). Bills and Mortgage..who says we can retire? Sometimes when we read folks who drop everything to go “see the world” we chuckle. Wait till they are older and have to really settle down. They will start doing what you’re, later and for worst.
    Life will be about balance. You work some, pay some and play some. Always take time out to travel. It keeps you sane!

    • I look at my Instagram feed and see people way younger than me travelling in exotic places. I could’ve been fooled if I was a teenager, but I understand that these people are the top 1% in this world and that if I want to travel the way they do, then I’d have to work hard for it. Insurance.. when I moved to the US, I never understood the concept. I grew up in a country where there is insurance, but not insurance for every little thing. I have now accepted that it is a part of life here in the US.

      • Well in a way, don’t buy into everything that is instagram. Many people post pictures not of themselves! That should be a clue if it was real or not! Think about it, its challenging take such professional looking photos from your iphone? So uploading them from cameras or copying them is rife. We see the same photo in so many instagram accounts.

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