A Woman’s Best Friend

Immigrating to another country means that I leave all my loved ones behind. It was a battle, and continue to be. There will always be a part of me that I left back home in the Philippines. One day, in the midst of my depression, my husband left me with his senior dog, a female black Labrador named ‘Jinx.’

I was never a dog person growing up. Once, when I was about 10 years old, my dad got us a small mini pinscher. She was the cutest thing. We named her ‘Lala’. After a week, I got bored. My sister ended up taking care of her. Back then, I didn’t understand animals. I thought zoos were great, not understanding that these animals were not in their proper habitat.

So, when my husband told me to hang out with his dog, I was surprised. This dog and I just ended up staring at each other. A little nudge here, a little slobber there. She was trying to tell me she wanted her butt massaged, probably thinking how stupid I am not to realize – after all, she has wiggled her butt into a blur. Over the years, I have fallen in love with this dog. I’ve learned that she is great company.

And so, fast forward to now, we are a family of 2 humans and 3 dogs. I have spent my days off speaking with my dogs, telling them stories and asking them questions. I usually end up spending more time with them than I do with humans. Call me the ‘crazy dog lady’ but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

These dogs have taught me how to be compassionate, sensitive, understanding and patient. (A lot of patience) They have made me laugh, cry, scream out in frustration. They have embarrassed me in public. They have made me proud, LOL, nauseated and happy. They have kept me warm on cold nights and have kicked me hard in the stomach when it’s too hot. They’re not very subtle.



Olive stole all our blankets in the middle of a cold night.

Now, I can’t imagine my life without any of them. Hey, it’s messy, there’s dog hair everywhere, (It has followed me all the way to work in my lunch box), they eat disgusting stuff, they step on their own poop – it ain’t a pretty picture. However, it has also given me a purpose in life. Here is a living breathing living thing who relies on me to eat, breathe, sleep and survive. In exchange, they give me all the love and trust in the world. They have helped me cope with sadness, depression and anxiety. They have also been there through all the successes, happiness and celebrations.

I got your back, girls. Through thick and thin. Thanks for all the love.


9 thoughts on “A Woman’s Best Friend

  1. Mel’s family had a mongrel of a dog in days gone by. He was rambunctious, often getting into trouble with the neighbours. But so much fun for he protected the kids too as family. But one day, while out on his neighbourhood ‘patrols’ he was hit by a car and died. The grief felt was so much that it was decided not to have a dog again, afraid that the kids would have their hearts cut out when a family member dies, again.

  2. DogsAreMansTreasures says:

    I have 6 dogs and I love them all very much. Having 6 is very hard but what can I do – I love them all and will be brokenhearted to lose any of them. I got to know your website from your blog post about what to do next after receiving your NOA2. We just received it last Feb. 7 of this year. When do you advise us to call NVC? On a side note, I will be taking most, if not all, of my dogs to the US but not at once.

      • DogsAreMansTreasures says:

        How did you find out your case number again? By calling the NVC after 2 weeks, by calling them again or by calling the US Embassy?

        I hope your website’s popularity will help diminish animal abuse. Can I share that based on my own experience, being a dog lover could give someone growth that he could have never imagined. At first, people fall in love with them. Then they have their first heartbreak from losing them. This painful loss will serve them a grand purpose which is to open their eyes and hearts to the reality of what is happening to the other dogs outside, in pounds, on streets, in festivals, in rural or even urban areas, in breeding places… Then they become an advocate for animal welfare.

        I started appreciating them when our very first dog died. I can’t forget how I told her, “I don’t like you. You’re not my dog.” just to hurt somebody else. I changed completely when our second dog (male) came (he is with me). Then we had our first litter of puppies in which he is the father. I claimed the first puppy (male) to come out as mine. I loved him very much and every time I remember him, he can still make me cry. The dog was less than 2 weeks shy of his second birthday. His death has made me who I am today towards dogs, cats and other animals. It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t meet and loved him.

        My dogs are my treasures.

      • My memory is somewhat foggy with regards to this information, but if I remember correctly, it was 10-14 business days. Sorry if I can’t give you a more exact answer, this was about 7 years ago (!!!)

        My dream is to have my own dog shelter in the Philippines, teach residents about spaying, neutering and responsible breeding. Every time I’ve been back, I see so many homeless dogs and it’s heartbreaking.

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