A Homeowner’s heaven and hell

Owning a home has always been on top of my bucket list/priority list. (More in the priority list because it needs to get done ASAP.)

After working my ass off in order to save for a down payment, going through all the paper signing and technicalities that, to be honest, I barely understood, we finally got keys to our first ever home. This was 3 years ago.

Since then, it’s been both heaven and hell. Heaven because:

  1. I’m finally away from my in laws.
  2. I get my own room (I know I share it with my husband, but you get my point.) My dream of owning my own bathroom is on hold as the house only has 1 full bath.
  3. I have a sense of accomplishment. Who has bought their first home at the age of 24? (Bought in a sense that I own the bank a shit ton of money)
  4. Another list off my bucket list.
  5. I feel like an adult. (Because I don’t act like one.)
  6. I get my own space.

Hell because:

  1. After working to save for a down payment, I am now working to pay off my mortgage.
  2. Which means I can’t stop working. I was hoping to retire at age 30. (I wish!)
  3. Our water tank broke and that was $1,200 of unexpected expenses. I hate unexpected expenses.
  4. Property tax. So dumb.
  5. Water bill, electricity bill, gas bill – all kinds of bills.
  6. Insurance that I don’t use.
  7. Groceries, having to cook my own food. No one’s got time for that!

I exaggerate for the sake of the blog. Responsibilities are a part of life. I wouldn’t want it any other way anyway. Having a home is a lot of work, yet it gives me so much happiness pulling into the driveway and knowing that I have a roof over my head. It shows me that maybe I made a right decision somewhere along the way, that all the long days and nights were all worth it.

Now, if only the dogs would stop digging into my backyard.