The Long Awaited Church Wedding II

The barely breathing Mini-cooper.

The barely breathing Mini-cooper.

I woke up early on the 26th of July 2014, confused at first. A lot of thoughts running through my mind – Why does this bed feel so good? Why does it feel so cold? Why am I up so early when I’m on a vacation? Wait, is it today? It is today. And the most important thought – All that money spent for today.. Damn, it better be good.

Sorry, I’m on the bad side of frugal kind of girl. This is the most money I’ve spent on anything, aside from my mortgage.

Of course, these thoughts come as I realize that it was my wedding day. And my heart just starts to beat a little bit faster.

Even though I sound dramatic, I was excited. My family was complete. I was home again, and I was going to get married the second time to the man of my life.

The day started early and immediately. The people started coming in. Make-up artist, photographers, wedding coordinators/assistants and the unavoidable part, the relatives that your mom insisted to be invited, much to my dismay. All this while I’m trying to hold my stomach in so I don’t look so bloated in all my candid pictures. Girl problems, I know.

The ceremony is at 3 pm. By noon, I was famished and dizzy. Too much action, too much going on and too much attention on a proud loner.

There were some bumps on the road though. By 1pm, we found out that my bridal car had an engine problem. In my mind, I wondered what  my husband would think if I was late on our wedding day. I thought it would be funny. Everything eventually was fine though, as they were able to fix the car.

And as I ride in that sputtering car wondering if I’m ever going to get to church, I realize how much I’ve accomplished in my short life. I realized I was proud of myself. This coming from a self depreciating person. I was proud of braving through my fears, trusting God and inner confidence. So as I see the facade of the church through the mini-cooper’s windows, as I step out, and as the door of the church opened and I can hear the opening strings of Here, There, Everywhere, all I can think of was… I am happy.